Ya'll Should Check Out...

 My husband has two talented sisters!
His sister Becky raises dairy goats in Tennessee and makes goat milk soaps, lotions, etc.
I love her soaps!

Here I am with Becky a few weeks ago on our trip to South Carolina.
Isn't my niece adorable?
Becky's got another little one on the way.
It's so exciting to see the family growing!

Becky's soaps can be found here and info on her goats and farm here.
They really are worth checking out.

This is me with Stefanie.
It was also taken on our trip to SC.
Stefanie loves to do crafts like make earrings, knit, and sew headbands / head coverings.

Check out her cute Etsy store here.
She also has a blog she updates daily with all kinds of encourging Scriptures, quotes, and musings.
You can find that here (Stefanie's Pleasant Places).


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