How to stalk your husband

I love Caleb so much.
Therefore, as his wife I simply MUST stalk him ever so often.
Like...once a week or so.
It's really quite easy and I would encourage you to try it.
Not stalking MY husband...but YOUR husband.
Just thought I'd clarify that one.
First off - put on something cute!
Like today I wore a cute flowery dress.
Now I do things a little differently each time.
Like today I made up a fancy little heart encrusted note to stick on his windshield.
I refrained from finishing that line about whatcha been cooking.
Couldn't do that.

I drove over to where he works.
Placed this little pretty on his big ole truck windshield.
I had to sort of jump to get it up there.
Not a pretty sight I'm sure.

I always bring him a little treat.
Sometimes it'll be a frozen coke, a McDonald's apple pie, coffee drink, etc.
Uusally whatever I'M in the mood for since of course I'm going to sneak a bite or sip of it...
Today I got him a candy bar.
It was yum!

So anyways I sneak into his office area and while I wait for his break buzzer thing to sound
(talk about loud and scary!)...I grab a post it note and write him some sort of goopy message.
He's only ever taken down one of them *cough*
And yes, I made him that little bird terrarium thingie.
And yes, he has been made fun of over it.

So in he comes and I get to spend his break with him.
Poor sweaty man.
But he loves my visits and so do I.
It's a fun break in the day for both of us.
Then that awful buzzer sounds and it's back to the real world for the both of us.

Silly man!
I told him to smile and he gives me this massive fake smile thing.'s quite frightening.
Like it would frighten small children.

If you're able...I would recommend even an occasional hubby stalking mission.
He'll love you for it.
Especially if you put on red lipstick and bring him a sweet goody to munch on or drink...or both!


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