Make Your Own Cameo Paper Clips

I bought a package of cute flower paper clips at Goodwill yesterday for .50cents.
Most of the flower pieces had come off of the paper clips, so I was
going to grab some glue and repair them when all of a sudden
 I remembered that my mom had recently
given me quite a few boxes full of
old jewelry pieces I bought years ago.
I'm not into making jewelry...therefore, I'm not
really sure why I ever bought them...
they seemed perfect for making cute paper clips!
I'm not for one second taking credit for this idea...
I'm sure someone out there has made these a million times before.
So credit goes to YOU, person who made them before me.

I made all different kinds, but my favorites are the tiny cameos!

I used some of my E6000   glue.
If you haven't bought some of this stuff - you must!
I've tried SO many glues over the years for jewelry repair, crafts, and just repair on any old thing.
This stuff is by far the best.
I think I saw it recommended on a site for repairing vintage jewelry a while back.

Didn't realize until I got home that I went all green and everything.
Go ME!
Saving the earth one paper clip at a time...

Aren't ya'll insanely jealous of my 1980's tan and pink tone palm leaf patterned counter top?
It's gonna be a real good day when that puppy is replaced with black countertops of some sort.

A real good day!

Anyways...I just dabbed some glue onto the backs of
the vintage findings
and then pressed the paper clips onto them.
So fast and easy!

My finger looks like it's just coming out of nowhere.
Kinda scary.

I just love these vintage plastic red bow shaped findings.
I bought all of my vintage findings on Ebay a long time ago.
I'm sure they still have different kinds listed.
Etsy probably has lots of them, as well.
I got the box of paper clips for .57 at Walmart.
So, you can make TONS of these for mere pennies.
Wouldn't they make such cute gifts for friends?
Also could be a fun summer time craft to do with your kids before school starts.
I'm thinking these will come in handy for me while I sort through my 9million recipes.

Random picture:
My little sister (who just got engaged!) & me 2 weekends ago at the lake.
I have no idea who took the picture, but Ariel edited it. She's good at that.

Random story of the day:
After I was done shopping at Walmart today, I was unloading my groceries into the blazer. I put up my shopping cart and as I was headed back to get in...this older man was getting into his car next to mine and he looked right at me, smiled really big, and loudly said to me "YING YANG!"...I wasn't sure what sort of a response to give to such a greeting, so I just smiled and said "hi!" and got into the car and drove away...pondering ..."am I missing something?". haha Random things always happen to me :)

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  1. Bright idea using the paper clips as little bookmarks. Who wouldn't love cameos?

  2. Great idea! You can give them away as gifts too if it comes in sets. Patsy from


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