9pm on a Thursday

Time to play Racko!
Caleb and I have been playing Racko like non stop lately.
He was beating me pretty bad until I whooped his behind at it last night.

It all started innocently enough with me giving him a sad puppy dog face.
He asked me what I wanted.
Notice that he didn't ask "what's wrong babygirl?", he wanted to know what I wanted.
I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

So I silently walked over to the fridge and took down a coupon I had for Kroger ice cream.
Their Private Selections brand rivals Breyers.
And Breyers is always my favorite.
Private Selections has AMAZING varieties to try.

So Caleb sweetly took the coupon and ran over to Kroger.
I told him to get something chocolately.
So he got Extreme Moosetracks and Mocha Cheesecake.
Both were really yum, but I was partial to the moosetracks one.

Caleb is SO sweet like that!
Plus the man loves him some ice cream.

My mom recently gave us a pile of old family games that no one was playing anymore.
I hadn't played Racko in years, but I remembered loving it so...
now Caleb loves it too.
We get really competitive with each other.
So ya'll should check it out.


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