Stone Houses

Caleb and I love our cute 1954 stone house.
The couple who built the home made it very traditional looking, except in quite a few places they added very 1950's details. The front door is ultra modern in style and doesn't suit the pretty rock on the house. The house is also covered in ugly metal awnings; even over the front door. Eventually we want to take them all down. Caleb brought me home a gorgeous wooden "Christian door" that he bought at ReStore for only $50. It still has a pretty old brass kick plate and a peep hole. I ordered some vintage brass hinges on ebay and pretty soon we'll switch out front doors. I think this will really give a whole new feel for the direction I'm trying to take the outside of the house in. Now I just need to find a nice vintage / antique brass door knocker.

Our house
Our house looks like cottage even though it's pretty big inside.
I love English style gardening and therefore, I would love to give the house a more traditional English cottage type look.

Anyways, I've been looking for inspiration pictures lately for stone houses.
I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

                                                                                                 Source: houzz.com via Pat on Pinterest

Source: dcpages.com via Janice on Pinterest


Time For More Homemade

Whenever possible I try to avoid fake stuff in food. And icky stuff. And overly processed stuff. And stuff that is so icky I can't even pronounce it. That was all so educated sounding of me. Yes, I was homeschooled ;)

Anyways, what I'm really trying to say is that I feel like every time I go to the grocery store to make a purchase I discover that the item I want to buy has all kinds of gross added things in it.
Like the other day I went to Kroger to buy beef broth / stock to use in a butternut squash stew I'm making for dinner. I read the label on all of the cans, bottles, and boxes of beef broth and every single brand had pure junk in them.
So I disgustedly left that aisle and walked straight over to the meat counter to ask the butcher what sort of bone-in beef I should purchase in order to make my own stock. He kindly pointed out just what I should buy.
I make homemade chicken broth and stock all the time to keep in the freezer, but for some reason I've never tried beef. It's fun to have new things to try!

Other ways things you can make at home and control what goes in them:
chicken stock
homemade marshmallows made without corn syrup
I made these for my sisters' bridal shower a few weeks ago. They are SO yummy!

Bisquick substitute
today I was making some sausage balls for Caleb and I was reading the ingredients on the Bisquick box.
Not good stuff yall!
Next time I'm trying this recipe above.  

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

I've been making this for over a year now and I love it!
This is not your typical "mix milk with lemon juice or vinegar".
This is actual rich and creamy buttermilk.

make your own mayo

spreadable butter
so many butter spreads at the store are filled with all kinds of strange things!
mixing up cream with a stand mixer makes for a wonderful spreadable butter that you can keep in your fridge.

make your own yogurt (even if you don't have a yogurt maker).
I've been making my own yogurt for about 4 years now.

made without dry milk powder

Misto Oil Sprayer
Have yall seen the stuff that's in sprays like Crisco?
I bought one of these Misto sprayers last year and I love it!
Now I can use Olive Oil or any other non soy based oil for non stick cooking. 


White Marble in the Kitchen

I love white marble with gray veining running through it. I have a few pieces in my kitchen that are white marble; a large cutting board ($4 at a thrift store), a vintage napkin holder, and a thick round piece of marble up on feet (not sure what use it is intended for). Last week I ordered a marble rolling pin on Amazon since Caleb had used my wooden one to install flooring at our rent house. If you want to see why I will never ever ever again use that rolling pin in the kitchen, click here.

I was looking at marble butter keepers (love those things!) and I discovered that there are many marble kitchen items for sale.

This is the marble rolling pin I ordered.
A bargain at only $13

I just love this lazy susan.
 Wouldn't it look gorgeous on a kitchen counter holding herbs and
 spices or even to use it as a cheese plate.
marble utensil holder
swivel top salt cellar.
I really, really, really want this.

cheese slicer

mortar & pestle
shelf liner / contact paper

herb & salt bowl

domed cheese platter

paper towel holder

marble cutting board
wine cooler

a butter keeper.


I'm in desperate need of inspiration today

Know how some days are kind of blah?
Like today is all cloudy and blah outside and my head hurts, but I have so very much to do around the house. So I just spent a very few minutes looking through pictures of beautiful rooms.
Here's some of the rooms that inspired me


My New Vintage Rocker Makeover

Recently at our local flea market I bought this vintage wicker rocker for $10. It's in really good condition, but the cushion absolutely had to go.

before & after
I spray painted the wicker black, but I coated it lightly over the woodtone, because I wanted some of it to peak through the black to give it a nice aged look.

I sewed this cute little bird pillow from scrap fabric I bought for $1 at the flea market.
I bought a cushion on clearance from Walmart.com

Now I have a perfect spot to sit and sip coffee while I watch the deer in the backyard

Transformation Thursday

A Pink Bridal Shower

Last Saturday I hosted my sister's bridal shower. The theme colors were pink, white, and metallics. I know, I know...no one would have ever thought that I'd chose those colors...
:::Anyways here's some random pics from the day (thanks Ariel):::
I got these cute pink and white stripe straws on Esty.
I've had the vintage tablecloth for years and it was so much fun to be able to use it for such a special occasion. I also got to use my new-to-me vintage coffee maker.

opening gifts

I also used some of my favorite vintage black and white patterned restaurant ware.

Ariel and me with one of our favorite families
 I made a "True Love" banner using some free printables from Martha Stewart.

old friends and new

I cut out hearts on embossed gold paper from AC Moore and hung them from the chandelier.
my sister with my mom

where else would I ever be able to decorate with a pink bird?

my mom and me before the shower started
lots of details - the banner on the dining room mirror, Ariel & Gary's engagement photos, and I finally got to use the vintage glass dome using moss and a picture of Gariel (one of the best "celebrity names" ever haha)

lovely godly ladies

I bought these cute little frames (place cards) from AC Moore in the wedding section.
I just printed off some cute quotes to use in the frames.
two of the best ladies that I know

we had sweet biscuits with all kinds of toppings - sugared strawberries,
raspberries, lemon curd, powdered sugar, and homemade whipped cream.

I used all kinds of cute vintage pink glasses and mugs

it was such a fun day with so many friends

I bought cute heart shaped candy / chocolate molds from AC Moore and made candy pops for favors. I also made homemade marshmallows - perfect for those who have a gluten allergy or dairy intolerance

For party favors I made these cute little pink and white candy buttons. I saw this blog post last year and fell in love with the mold. I bought it and then forgot about it until recently. I must say, they came out really cute! I made a few with green in honor of Ariel's Irish fiance'

of course I just had to use my vintage gold flatware

I used a vintage 1940's pink satin bedspread (that Caleb would never let me use haha) underneath a vintage white cut out tablecloth that was my grandma's


Transformation Thursday