Figs, Fig Trees, & Fig Cake

My mom and sister came up to stay with us this past weekend since my sister's bridal shower was held here. My mom has a beautiful fig tree in her backyard that she planted when we moved to Virginia 4+ years ago. This year the tree gave her a bountiful harvest of figs and she was kind enough to share a big bowl full with Caleb and me.

Not that we needed more sugar in our lives after the bridal shower, but figs only have a shelf life of a few days after being picked. I found this recipe on My Greek Ambition and let me tell you tastes amazing! Especially with the fig topping.
You can find this recipe here.
I would eat just about everything on that site. I think I did make something else posted, but now I can't remember what it was.

While Mom and Ariel were here we went to the local Amish foods store and they had a few Brown Turkey Fig Trees for sale, so I bought one to plant in our backyard.

I personally have never liked fig newtons, but here's a recipe for a homemade version.


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