Lookin' out my back door

Bet I got CCR stuck in your head, right? :D

Last week I thoroughly cleaned out our screened in back porch and I decided to do a little decorating here and there.  The weather this week is promising to be SO warm and beautiful and I'm sure I'll continue to spend a lot of time on the porch.

Kitchen Window Before & After

So the kitchen window was my big project last week.
First I gave the window trim a nice fresh coat of white paint. I also painted the wall area surrounding the window with a verrrrrrrrry pale gray-toned neutral-ish color. I'm so happy with how it all came out.

As you can see from the before picture above...I had a horrible view of the neighbors house. Needless to say, we always kept the blinds closed. I followed an easy tutorial from the Making It Feel Like Home blog to create a patterned frosted privacy glass look on the lower half of the window. The only thing I did different was to scale down the stencil image to 75% (under the print setting). This part of the project only cost me about $2.50 (for half a roll of contact paper).

I made the roman shade using vintage curtain material that I bought at a yard sale about 10 years ago. I used the mini blinds that were already being used in the kitchen. My only investment was the fabric glue, and I only used half a bottle, so this project only cost me about $2. I followed a tutorial from Little Green Notebook (if you haven't checked out that site you should!).

I honestly thought that I had a before shot of sink / window area, but apparently I only had pictures of both sides :(
Anyways, you can see that before there was a typical 1950's era decorative cutout over the window. While I think it was cute looking I just really wanted something more sophisticated and timeless. We did save the cutout piece to try and reuse on another project someday. 
The other thing we did was to take down the rounded shelves on either side of the window. Again, they were cute, but sort of more "retro" than I wanted. Taking down the shelves also visually opened up the area so much. It really makes it look twice as big now.

Hopefully, our next big project will be putting in a white subway tile back splash.

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my big project this week

This is the magnificent view I have out my kitchen window.
Jealous? I thought you might be.

So...my problem is that I do not want to stare at that while I cook or do dishes. I always have the blinds closed in the kitchen, but that blocks out all that natural light from coming in. 
I decided that I would do something similar to what I did to our bathroom window

First I plan on painting two coats of white paint on the window and trim, and then I want to follow this tutorial and create some privacy (and add a pretty pattern) on the lower half of the window. On the upper half of the window I plan on repurposing the mini blinds by following this tutorial.  It's the same instructions I followed when making the polka dot one for our bathroom. I don't plan on making the roman shades until I know what wall color I'm going with; otherwise, I won't know which fabric to go with.

I figure that by having the privacy film on the bottom that will let lots of natural light in will enable me to permanently keep the fabric roman shades open and just add a nice decorative touch and not be used functionally (even though they will work).

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Caleb has been plugging away at the kitchen this past weekend. We finished painting the new cabinets doors Caleb built and then attached them. The kitchen is really coming together so nicely!

Before & After (well...so far anyways!)

I drew up what I wanted the wine rack over the fridge to look like and Caleb built it for me. I just love it! Of course, out of all those bottles only 3 are wine and the rest is Caleb's beer (that wouldn't fit in our fridge).
The space to the right of the fridge will have double doors.

I love how this corner door swings open. I still need to touch up paint on the inside of the door edge.

Soon we're hoping to put up dry wall on all the areas we took down paneling and then to put up the white subway tile back splash :)



I know it's not officially Spring yet, but the weather has been perfect lately!
Today I finished weeding quite a few veggie and herb beds in preparation for planting. Today I planted 4 kinds of lettuce, 3 kinds of spinach, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. It felt so nice to be outside working and enjoying the warm weather. So far, I've noticed that my mint, chocolate mint, Greek oregano, regular oregano, sage, tri color sage, thyme, chives, and lemon balm have been making an appearance.

Some of last years garden work included making over my strange garden / tool shed, building a huge deer proof vegetable and herb garden (with lovely raised beds and pea gravel paths), mulching existing beds, taking down a nasty old swing set, and just general yard maintenance. Some of our future garden to-do's are putting up a clothes line, a chicken coop, building more raised beds for veggies, a compost bin, a picket fence in part of the back yard, and to just keep on planting more flowers, trees, and shrubs.

I thought I would share some of my favorite garden pictures I've recently pinned on Pinterest.

                                                          Source: mydesigndump.blogspot.com via Adrianne on Pinterest

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