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Ways I Save My Family Money

It is very important to me that our family eat as naturally and as organically as we possibly can afford. Doing this on a tight budget IS work, but I love the challenge of it in my homemaking! Some of my favorite ways to save my family money is to buy in bulk, to use rebate apps and rebate sites, buy meat in bulk via Zaycon, buy part of a cow from a local farmer, or to use Amazon Prime's Subscribe and Save program.So here's a summary of my favorite ways to save. I hope they help you and your family to save $$$.


For quite a few years now I've been ordering meat in bulk via a company called Zaycon.
I can not even begin to tell you how much money I've saved our family buy buying grassfed ground beef (yes, GRASS FED!) and farm fresh chicken from them. Their website is easy to navigate and they always give me cash back with each purchase from my previous order! So, for instance I placed an order for their grass fed ground beef (whic…

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