The Grainery

 Recently I was looking up local farms and Auburnlea Farms came up in my search.
They are located waaay out in the country, in Gladys, VA.

Last weekend Caleb and I had some errands to run in Gladys and of course that meant that I had to stop in at this "Grainery Store".

Yall! I feel in love with it!
This sweet homeschool family runs this amazing farm and now they have a store right there next to their house. It's in this really cute old timey looking out building. The family has all kinds of animals that they raise and they sell everything from meats, cheeses, eggs, gluten free products (like you can buy gf flour in bulk), and all kinds of all natural products.

 I bought some all natural cocoa powder and all natural "jello" mixtures.
I was in love with the cute way they package all of the stuff they sell.
I think it is worth the time for people to package the items they sell in a pretty way.
Maybe it's just me, but when I see something packaged in a cute or charming sort of way it makes me want to buy more of it! Maybe that is just me *laughs*

Next time we go I'd love to buy some of their meats.
Anyways, if you find yourself near Lynchburg, I highly recommend taking a drive out in the country and stopping in at Auburnlea Farms "The Grainery Store".

What I've been up to lately

I've made 3 big batches this week of freezer spaghetti sauce.
I came across this recipe recently and decided to give it a try.
It tastes so good yall!

I think I made somewhere between 15-20 quart size jars full of sauce.
I don't know how to can stuff yet...so for now I'll stick with freezer recipes.
I've also been stocking up the freezer with individually bagged chopped veggies that I've been getting on sale at various grocery stores lately (from the "going bad" section). For instance, this week I bought about 10-15 pounds of tomatoes for less than $6 total, because they only had a little bit of life left in them. So I cut them up right away and made big batches of spaghetti sauce and a big batch of chili.
I also got 2 big bags full of green peppers (about 15 of them total) for $2. 
Normally at Kroger they want $2.50 EACH for peppers (and that's for the non-organic ones too!).
So I chopped and chopped and bagged up each one to freeze. Now I have months worth of onions, mushrooms, celery, and peppers waiting to be used, and all for less than $10!

I also made a HUGE batch (I tripled the recipe) of refried beans. I like beans; I don't love them, so...I'd never cooked dry beans before. In fact, I've only ever just opened up a can of them *embarrassed cough* 
So I learned lots of stuff this week in the kitchen, like how to make your own liqueurs! But that's a post for another day.

Eating Fewer Carbs

Caleb and I have been eating WAY too many carbs lately.
Carbs taste so good yall!

So we're trying to go "lower carb" and just enjoy things like sweets on the weekend (in moderation of course). So last night I made a low carb pizza crust (from cauliflower) and a lowER carb crust (Wolfgang Puck recipe).  

Now, I made the low carb pork rind pizza crust recipe a few years ago when I was on a strict Atkins diet (I lost 60+ pounds that I'd gained while on steroids for health problems). It does make a pizza crust...but you still get that porky taste. And who wants porky taste when they're craving pizza? 

Both crusts were really good. The cauliflower one isn't something you can pick up and eat like a normal slice of pizza...HOWEVER...if you don't mind eating it with a fork it really does give you a full pizza taste effect.
And you don't taste cauliflower.

It probably isn't very fair of me to compare the cauliflower one to the Wolfgang one, but I felt like making both. The wolfgang one was SO good! It was also really quick and easy to throw together. According to the website I got the recipe from, there are about 1/4 of the carbs per slice compared to a regular slice of pizza.
The crust came out really nice and crispy (not too flat and not too bready). You can definitely pick it up and eat it like a regular slice of pizza.  

I topped the cauliflower one with a red sauce, shredded Italian blend cheese, and pepperoni.
The other pizza I topped with a cheese mixture (ricotta, mashed roasted garlic, s&p, and parmesan), then some asparagus that I had sauteed in garlic oil. Then I covered it in shredded extra sharp white cheddar! It tasted amazing!

I have a pinterest board full of low carb recipes I've come across that sound yummy.
You can check that out here.

 and here's how Miss Betty has been spending her days and evenings...
curled up on the back porch couch! I think she loves it so much back there, because then she can watch all the deer and other critters. The only time she ever barks is when she sees a deer.

....By the way....
I started to type out the post title as "Eating Less Carbs", but I heard my mom's voice screaming inside my head, "not less Adri! fewer!".
Hopefully, my internal mom voice is correct? :)


A Gift

My sweet friend Caroline made me this beautiful scarf after
 learning to knit only a few months ago! I'm so impressed!
 I don't know how to knit or crochet, but I sure do wish I did.

I'm most grateful for such a sweet and thoughtful friend.


Only The Curious Have Something to Find

Can you tell I was listening to Nickel Creek yesterday?
Not NickelBack ...Creek. Huge, huge difference yall.

I've done a lot of driving here and there lately and that gives me lots of time to think and to pray.
It also gives me an opportunity to reflect on recent events, be they minor or major. Sometimes in all the choas of a major event we miss the minor things that are going on at the same time. A lot of times I've found those minors things are usually blessings. I try to not take for granted small things; random things in everyday life.
Those can be the best moments ever. 
Anyways I thought I'd share lots of random moments (major & minor) from the last few weeks.

cool autumn evenings beg for warm drinks
 like peppermint tea or cider 
Before & after on our "new" vintage front door from ReStore ($50).
We haven't decided on a color yet. I think the brown might be a bit drab next to the
stone on our house. We'll see!
At least that hideous modern style door is gone!
We have a wonderful little consignment shop a few miles from our home
who recently had 3 heavy duty roller trays for cabinets. I got them for only $5 each.

Last weekend while we were out picnicing at the Peaks of Otter we stopped in
at an antique shop in Bedford and found 4 of these cute vintage cordials.
Caleb poured a little cherry apple cider in them. Yum!
I made this skillet cookie for Caleb last night.
Serve it warm with vanilla ice cream.
This was one of those major events in life: a sisters wedding!
It was one of the happiest days I can remember.
She has been blessed by the Lord,
as I have been with a wonderful godly man.

I think I will call adopting Betty a major event. Our home was just too empty without
a dog in it. I can already see that she will make an excellent companion.



Meet Betty.
Caleb and I adopted her yesterday and we already love her to pieces!
She's a Boston Terrier and is about 5 years old.
She is probably just about the most affectionate dog I've ever been around.
She loves to curl up in my lap and to be held close.
Caleb and I feel very blessed to be able to have adopted her since we had to have Sassy put down a little over a month ago due to kidney problems. 
We miss Sassy so much and it is wonderful to have a dog in the house again!

I can't wait to take more pictures of Betty once all this rain goes away and I can take her out back.


A Perfect Autumn Picnic

Caleb and I spent a lovely fall day at The Peaks of Otter on Saturday.  I had no idea this place existed, or that it was less than 45 minutes from where we live. It was probably the most beautiful park I've ever been to. It was even prettier than any of the Virginia State Parks I've seen.
We had a beautiful 70 degree sunny day (although VERY windy) to enjoy the fall colors.

After we ate we drove a little bit up the road and went to the Johnson Orchards winery and apple farm where we bought some apples (for apple pie!) and a few bottles of wine.

It was fun to finally be able to use the picnic blanket that I'd sewn earlier this year, as well as our picnic basket that I'd recently stocked with cute cups, plates, etc.

We watched the deer go running right past us.

oh I love him!

The view from our picnic spot

 I made pressed sandwiches from a recipe I found on Martha Stewart.com


I want to try this!

I want to try this.
You bake bread in a flower pot.
How clever!

How To Sew a Passport Cover

Well it's official: my sister is married!
We had a great time at her wedding last weekend, and today I tearfully told her goodbye as she and her husband (!) left for his native Ireland. Don't make me cry again yall!

Anyways, yesterday I sewed up a little passport cover for her.
I followed the directions on this blog and it was very easy.

I attached some vintage trim and green velvet ribbon to the houndstooth fabric I had leftover from my footstool project.
On top of that I added a vintage cameo finding.

I sure am going to miss that girl!

Stuff and Nonsense

Ceiling Fan Before & After

My little brother Owen (who's not so little anymore) is moving into our basement apartment. 
Caleb and I hadn't done any renovation work down there until Owen decided to move in.
Owen has very modern taste (think: black & chrome) and he's a musician, so all of that factors into the style we're working on in the basement apartment.

So far we've painted walls, trim, windows, doors, radiator covers, put down new flooring, painted counter tops, painted kitchen cabinets, used tub & tile paint, etc etc etc

There are two hideous ceiling fan in the apartment. One in the living room and one in the bedroom.
They both work really well and are in good condition, so for less than $10 they got an update.
We used leftover chrome spray paint and got a can of black laquer spray paint from Lowe's and went to town on those puppies.

The globes look yellow tone in the pictures I took,
 but they are actually clear glass and look good with the black and chrome.

This was our inspiration:


                                                            Owen was very pleased with how it came out.

The New Herman Miller Chair

Based on Eames era designs.
I just love this!

I sold quite a few 1950's - 1960's era Herman Miller chairs a few years back in my antique booth.
The ones I sold were very 1960's in color - oranges, yellows, and greens.
They weren't my taste at all, but this chair is so classy.


recovering my screened in porch sofa

I love this vintage (circa 1920's) sofa we use on our back porch.
It is big enough to sleep on like a bed, and it is in great condition. We got it earlier this year at Goodwill.
The upholstery is definitely not original. If I had to guess I'd say it was probably redone in the 1980's. The cushions and upholstery are in good condition, but not at all my style. I'm not good enough at my sewing yet to be able to sew new cushions for it. I looked around online for a cheap alternative and found a really good deal on a "sofa throw" with matching pillows. It fits the sofa perfectly and it makes it feel brand new.
I do want to sew some more throw pillows for it when I find fabric that I like.

before & after

bird art for the screened in porch

I'm so very close to having my screened in porch finished.
I finished spray painting the fan, the vintage rocking chair, the wrought iron garden chairs, and the foot stool.
I also found a really good deal on Ebay for a slip cover for the sofa (it even came with matching pillows!).

The area over the sofa was calling for some art work. Last year at Goodwill I bought a large (and very heavy) decorator style piece of art. I paid $5 and the original stick on the back says it was $30 at Marshall's and even that was a discount price. 

The picture on it was pretty, but not really what I wanted. 
I had these vintage 1960's gold plastic bird wall hangings that are so easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets. My sister bought them for me earlier this year. They also had a large matching flower piece, but I didn't really care for it, and so I went ahead and donated it.

I spray painted the birds a black satin color, and then I took an old beat up book on bird watching and identification, and I decoupaged the book pages onto the art board using Modge Podge.
Then I had Caleb attach the birds to the board and then the whole piece to the rock wall.

I'm very pleased with how it came out.

Before & After

Weekend Bloggy Reading


Laundry Day

I went to put a load of laundry into the dryer this morning and when I opened the dryer door a HUGE furry black spider was running around inside.
I'm terrified of spiders.
Caleb wasn't here so I had to think fast (so exhausting for my simple mind) and so I grabbed a bottle of Shout and sprayed the heck out of that booger.
As you can see it took a lot of spraying for it to finally collapse and die.

I'm still scared of it, and I've decided to wait until Caleb comes home tonight and
 let him remove the body.

Sausage Balls

Ever eaten sausage balls? They are just plain yummy.
These are a family favorite recipe here.
They're so easy to make and are great for breakfast or a snack or just eat the whole batch right when the come out of the oven.... :D

Sausage Balls
3 c. Bisquick
2 1/2 c sharp cheddar - shredded
1 lb hot sausage (ground)
2/3 c milk
hot sauce - optional

Lightly brown the meat in a skillet, drain, and let cool slightly.
In a large bowl mix together bisquick, cheddar, milk, and sausage. 
If the mixture is too dry you can add a little bit more milk (or sour cream).
You can also add hot sauce if you want an even spicier flavor.
Sometimes I add red pepper flakes/powder.
Line a baking sheet with greased foil (or use parchment paper and skip greasing it).
Use your hands to form a ball with the mixture. Space them evenly on the baking sheet.
Bake in a 375* oven for 15-20 minutes - until golden brown. 
To prevent sticking, move the sausage balls with a spatula halfway through cooking.
Cool on a wire rack.

A Break in the Midst of Chaos

We've finally made it to my sister's wedding week! We're all so excited and completely exhausted :)
In the middle of trying to get my parents home ready for the wedding reception, we found out at the last minute that our favorite local Celtic / Southern group was playing in uptown Martinsville. Being the faithful fans that we are, we headed downtown for about an hour or so to watch The Celthix play.

Caleb spotted the Sam Adams beer truck and made a bee line for it.
He just loves Sam Adams.
Yes, I will always call them by their celebrity name.

Caleb & me listening at the concert in Uptown.