Laundry Day

I went to put a load of laundry into the dryer this morning and when I opened the dryer door a HUGE furry black spider was running around inside.
I'm terrified of spiders.
Caleb wasn't here so I had to think fast (so exhausting for my simple mind) and so I grabbed a bottle of Shout and sprayed the heck out of that booger.
As you can see it took a lot of spraying for it to finally collapse and die.

I'm still scared of it, and I've decided to wait until Caleb comes home tonight and
 let him remove the body.


  1. Too funny! Sounds like something I'd do. I hate spiders too! ~Rachel

  2. well, that'll teach 'em!! I'm terrified of the little monsters too, usually I put a coffee cup over it and wait for hubby to get home.


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