DIY Table Runner

Well it's not quite a table runner, I guess, BUT it's not a table cloth per se either.
I found this single curtain panel last week and Goodwill for $2. It's in great condition and I really like the pattern at the bottom of the panel.
I decided to cut off the upper length of linen colored fabric and  hem it to match the bottom hem of the curtain panel. Both the opposite sides of the curtain were already hemmed...so I only had to hem and stitch down one side.

It isn't made for my table, but I have another spot I plan on using it on a small table. I'm very pleased with how it came out and all for only $2!

My New Vintage Sofa

I was blessed in finding a great deal on a new-to-me vintage sofa. A few weeks ago Caleb and Tate and I were out thrifting around Lynchburg and we popped into the DAV Thrift Store and came across this nice long sofa. I'd say it's probably 1950's - 1960's. It is in immaculate condition. It barely looks like anyone ever sat on it! It has a pretty diamond back tufting pattern on the back. It has a nice low back too, which was something I was wanting in a sofa.

The store wanted $100 for it and when we went to pay it rang up at $50! Apparently they were having a half off furniture sale that day. I just love it when that happens :)

I still desperately need a rug in the living room, but so far I've not found anything that I like and that's in my budget. And....please ignore the mess on the mantle and bookcases.

I also got those 4 matching gold pillows at Goodwill for only $3 each. They are in great condition. 

Tate's First Train Set

Tate's Great Grandma gave him his first toy train set for his first birthday.
It is a Brio brand train and is adorable! I grew up playing with some of the Brio toys back in the 80's and was excited when Tate got this for his birthday. This set was made for littles 1 1/2 years and older. I couldn't find this exact set on Amazon, but they had similar ones (Brio Classic Figure 8 Set this set is similar).
Lately Tate has enjoyed playing with the box as much as the trains :D


I Am A Bunny Birthday Party

Tate turned one on August 3rd and to celebrate we threw him a party with the theme of the vintage children's book by Richard Scary called I Am A Bunny.
This was one of my favorite books when I was little and it was also part of my nursery decorating inspiration when I was pregnant with Tate.

I needed to do his party for as little money as possible. It was challenging, but I was blessed with finding MANY good deals on woodland looking decorations. I spent less than $20 on decorations and less than $100 total for the whole party.
I was so pleased with how it came out looking. Tate had a blast and I think his cousins and aunts and uncles who came did as well.
My parents hosted the party at their house and it was perfect!

My mom decorated her chalkboard for Tate's party :)

My dad found me 3 vintage green embroidery hoops that had never been used. He got them for pennies each. I printed off images from the I Am A Bunny book onto regular old computer paper and framed them in the embroidery hoops. It came out SO nicely. 

I got the golden mushrooms (sooo hideous!) at the flea market for .50 cents and spray painted them with leftover gray paint. I found two large mushrooms candle holders at Goodwill for .95 cents each. They looked great and didn't need any painting. 

I found this wooden owl cutout on clearance at Michael's for $1.75. I painted the edges a mustard color and then painted the owl's belly area with leftover chalkboard paint. Then I used .25 cents worth of gray and white polka dot paper that I decoupaged with Mod Podge onto the top. I think it came out looking adorable! And for only about $2.

My dad found this cute vintage figurine for the party.

My dad found a handful of old miniature clothes pins at the same yard sale where he found me the embroidery hoops. I dyed them with different colors of food dye and then used them with twine to hang pictures of Tate from over the past year. I glued pictures back to back so that you could see an image of him from any angle in the room, and then attached them to the chandelier in the dining room (where the party was being held).


Caleb found this awesome looking tree branch that had fallen in our backyard. He cut it up and glued it together to make me two cupcake stands of various sizes. They looked so perfect!

I just used plain old boxed white cake mix in white cupcake wrappers and whipped up some red buttercream frosting and then sprinkled on white candy beads. I wanted them to look like mushrooms.
I also photocopied images from the Bunny book and cut them out and glued them onto candy making sticks to use as cupcake toppers. My mom also got me some super cute plastic mushroom cupcake toppers to use. 

I got that cute vintage deer figurine at Goodwill for .25 cents. I also got pussy willow branches from a local antique store for $3/bundle. 

Some of the fabric I used on the bunting that hung over the buffet. 
It was leftover fabric scraps I had from decorating Tate's nursery last year. 

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that my sister in law cut out for me using a bunny cookie cutter my mom found online.

We served gummy frogs that I found at Michaels craft store, Annie's bunny shaped pastas (yum!), Annie's bunny crackers, and Annie's bunny cheese crackers.

I made homemade marshmallows and cut them out using the same cookie cutter shaped like a bunny that I used to cut out the sandwiches with. 
I found the yellow utensil holder at the flea for $1. I got all of the red and yellow plates, cups, napkins, and utensils at the Dollar Store. 


I saw the idea for these homemade acorn candies on Pinterest and they came out really well! They looked adorable and tasted great. 

We served celery and carrot stick shooters (rabbit food haha).

I bought these red and white paper drink straws on Amazon. They looked adorable being used in Fizzy Izze drinks and other yummy drinks. 

My mom made this insanely cool looking woodland terrarium centerpiece that we put on the dining room table. She used an antique wooden bread bowl as the container to hold the terrarium.

My mom made some cute terrariums to be used as party decorations. 

I spray painted some vintage plastic frames I had in my craft room and then framed images from the book to use as decorations...plus a pine cone from our back yard.

Last year my mom gave Caleb a book called "Natural Wooden Toys" that teaches you how to make wooden toys. One of the toy sets in the book that you can make is woodland creatures (plus mushrooms). Caleb made these for party decorations. 

I think Tate really enjoyed eating his birthday cupcake.

Opening his birthday gifts.
Caleb made him that black truck.
Also...notice that I even dressed Tate like Nicholas the Bunny (the main character in the book)? I found vintage red overalls at Goodwill (the right size too!) for only $1 and then I found a used yellow polo shirt on Ebay for $3.50 and free shipping.

Playing with his Pook.

Me with Mama and Tater.

I bought an inflatable kiddie pool for less than $10 online. Tate hated it, but his cousins loved it.

We had SUCH a fun time!

*thanks to my mom and sisters in law for the photos*


Strange Places

 I came outside a few weeks ago to clean my patio and look what I found inside of an Epsom salt bag that had been sitting open on my potting bench. There are 3 tiny eggs inside. I've not been able yet to see what type bird lay them.  Must be a tiny bird like a wren, maybe. 

Keeping Chickens

Yall I recently got chickens for my little homestead!
I have lots more pictures to post of them, but for now this is all I have time for posting.

I highly recommend this book called Keeping Chickens. It's loaded with beautiful pictures and fun information. It's got great info, but it's also easy to read and it made me feel confident in my decision to "keep chickens" :)


Pudgy Little Hands

I just love Tate's pudgy little hands.
So sweet :)

Hollywood Regency Bar

 Caleb built me this beautiful piece of furniture to store our bar glassware and bottles. 
I didn't want it to look like a bar, but to look like an entry hall piece since that is where it is in our living room . He did an AMAZING job on it! He really captured the vision I had in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I wanted the piece to have a vintage Hollywood Regency glam look, but not too over the top. We found new old stock vintage drawer pulls and knobs. It holds everything so nicely, and with plenty of room to go.