Pudgy Little Hands

I just love Tate's pudgy little hands.
So sweet :)

Hollywood Regency Bar

 Caleb built me this beautiful piece of furniture to store our bar glassware and bottles. 
I didn't want it to look like a bar, but to look like an entry hall piece since that is where it is in our living room . He did an AMAZING job on it! He really captured the vision I had in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I wanted the piece to have a vintage Hollywood Regency glam look, but not too over the top. We found new old stock vintage drawer pulls and knobs. It holds everything so nicely, and with plenty of room to go. 



We Will Serve The Lord

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" - Joshua 24

I bought that cute little artwork from an Etsy seller for $1.25 and printed it on some shimmery gold paper. I framed it in an old frame I've had for a long time and Caleb hung it in the kitchen.

May it ever be said of our household. 


adventures in sourdough

I decided to tackle my fear of sourdough bread and working with a starter. Sourdough baking had kicked my butt over 10 years ago, and so I decided it was time to try again. I did some research online and gave it a try yesterday and today (it was a long, but easy process) and I had excellent results! 

My sourdough starter that I whipped up last week.

The recipe made two loaves that came out nice and crusty and chewy and perfectly tangy-tart tasting :)

Betty Keeping Warm

Betty is down at my parents house spending some quality time playing with her cousin-dog Dixie.
Since Betty has torn up all of her sweaters recently my mom put a baby sweater on her to help her keep warm when she's playing outside.

Aren't Boston Terriers the cutest? 

Thanks to my mom for the pictures!


my Moby wrap

A friend bought me the Moby wrap baby carrier before Tate was born and I love it! I've used it SO many times since he's been born. He likes to ride around in it and "help me" do my housework :)