Spaghetti Squash

I just love cooking with spaghetti squash. So often I just cook it up and serve it with spaghetti sauce. I do like it that way, but last night I was craving to try a new recipe. I found this one for spaghetti squash gratin on pinterest. It came out tasting SO good! I love having yummy low carb options for dinner.

                                                 Source: dailyunadventuresincooking.com via Adrianne on Pinterest


all in the details

Caleb has been working like crazy on our kitchen lately. 
It's coming together so nicely! We're trying to be wise and thoughtful
 in how we use all of the space in our kitchen.

One of my pet peeves is dirty sponges sitting out on a sink or counter.
Before we started this renovation our kitchen sink unit only had false drawer fronts below the sink.
I went on Amazon last week and ordered two of the Rev-A-Shelf metal trays and hinges so that we can have sponge storage in forward tipping "drawers". They arrived late last week and Caleb installed them for me. I LOVE THEM! And the metal holders pop out easily for cleaning. I think I ended up paying $18 each for the kits. They offer all kinds of sizes and different hinge types.
My sponges are now resting comfortably in their new home.

Caleb ordered these pull out spice racks from work. I love them! There's another matching one on the right side of the microwave.

Lord willing, this week the rest of the kitchen doors and drawer fronts that Caleb built will get painted. If that is the case, then hopefully they can be attached this coming weekend.

These pictures look awful, because I had to take them on my phone since my camera wasn't willing to obey  me.


                                                                     Source: smittenkitchen.com via Adrianne on Pinterest

                           I love bread. I love to bake bread. I love to eat bread. 
                             I love to smell bread. I love to look at pictures of bread on Pinterest. I just love bread.

              I made this beer, mustard, cheese pull apart bread last week and it was to die for good! 


Where have I been?

I've neglected my blog so much this year. Shame on me.
But that's because Caleb and I are expecting a baby in August. We're so excited about this and basically that's why I haven't done any updating. I've just been really sick with morning sickness, but now that I'm in my second trimester (16 weeks tomorrow!)  I'm starting to feel so much better. If only these darn headaches would stop coming around! 

Betty is still very much Betty! My mom took this cute picture of her recently. Betty loves going to visit my parents house and to see her "CousinDog" Dixie. They love to play together and even though Betty is like 4 time smaller than Dixie, she definitely top dog :)
Betty is without a doubt THE most dramatic dog I've ever been around. She keeps us laughing constantly. 
I wonder if this is a trait of Boston Terriers? For instance, if you've pet her non stop for an hour and you decide that you're tired of petting her and tell her to go lie down for a while, she will give you this incredibly sad look and then turn her back to you, sit down, and then hang her head as low as she can. She pouts yall! I've never seen a dog pout, but Betty pouts better than anything I've ever seen.

We got our first snow of the season this past Sunday. I snapped a picture of the view out our back door.