Sewing Car Seat Strap Covers

I recently sewed some reversible car seat strap covers for Tate's carseat. I followed the tutorial from this blog. They were so very easy to make and a great way to use up small scraps of fabric.

A Vintage Desk Makeover

Lynchburg has this insanely awesome (and huuuge) consignment store downtown that Caleb and I frequent.
I recently bought this little vintage (1950's?) desk there for $15. It needed a little bit of tightening, which Caleb took care of for me...and the wood was pretty dried out, so I rub olive oil all over it until it would no longer absorb any more. I'd read that tip on a blog a while back, but ahhh I just can't remember which one.
The "chalkboard" on top wasn't real and it was in really rough shape, but the board itself was in fine condition and so I used some of my left over chalkboard paint and it came out beautifully!

It's amazing what a little olive oil can do!

I can't wait until the day Tate can use this little desk. Actually....I really do want him to stay small for forever :D


My Recipe Box

Caleb built me this gorgeous recipe box. Now all of my recipes are housed in one box instead of three!

A Nursery Chalkboard

This is our "Thankfulness Board" for the nursery.
We have SO MUCH to be thankful for and so this is a good spot to write down all that we are thankful for.

I spray painted a $5 Goodwill frame and Caleb had glass cut to size.
I then painted chalk board paint onto the glass. So easy and inexpensive! 


My sister and her husband and little baby came to visit us from Ireland.
They were able to stay and visit for a good part of October - so many sweet memories were made and it was so very difficult to say goodbye again!
My sister took all of these cute photos of Tate. Thanks Ariel!

Me holding Tate at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago.

My sister and her husband brought Tate the hat and scarf as a gift from Ireland. 
They looks SO unbelievably cute on him!

The sweetest little fellow!

Miss Betty

My mom took this A-DORABLE picture of Betty sometime this past summer.
I love it so much and so I framed it and hung it in our bathroom :)


Sour Cream Biscuit Recipe

While Tate was napping yesterday afternoon I tried out a recipe for sour cream biscuits, because for some reason I had 3 tubs of sour cream in my fridge (I admit to being a sour creamaholic). They came out really yummy! 

The only thing I had to change was that the recipe called for water and instead I used buttermilk. It also needed a lot more water/buttermilk than called for. Sadly, I did not get a picture of a buttered biscuit, but let me tell you: they were so light and fluffy! 

I'll definitely make these again.


He's Here!

I'm so happy to announce that our son Caleb Tate was born August 3rd.
Tate weighed 5lbs 10oz (so tiny!) and was born exactly one week early.
The Lord answered our prayers and we were able to have the beautiful home birth we had been planning for months. He is the sweetest baby ever - so very quiet and content. 


A Vintage Bassinet

We got this cute vintage bassinet to use in our room when the baby arrives. It's in great condition and has a fresh coat of white paint on it. The legs fold up for easy storage and all I had to do was order a new mattress, sheet, and fabric liner for it. Caleb also put new castors on it.


Grilled Pizza

Caleb and I are semi-obsessed now with grillin out pizza.
It was sort of life changing for us to find out people actually did this.
The first time we did it a month or so ago, it wasn't an all out flop, BUT we knew we need to brush up on our pizza grillin skills. Last weekend we per-fected them! 

This blog post / video was very helpful. 
And we switched to using this thin crust recipe from Taste of Home from the usual breadier recipe I normally use when cooking in the oven.  

We're so proud of ourselves .. .that probably isn't good of us, but we are :D
And tomorrow night we're going to grill out another pizza, but we haven't decided on toppings yet. 

The Nursery

Oops ... it was recently pointed out to me that I hadn't done a blog post in forever and ever. So to update...3 weeks from today is my due date! Everything is going well and we're planning for a home birth, which I'm so excited about and I just love my midwife.  

Caleb and I have mostly been busy working on getting the nursery ready for Baby.  Caleb has done some AMAZING woodworking projects for me and I'm in love with everything. He has really outdone himself and I'm excited to show you some of the stuff he's built me. 

The only things we have left to buy for the nursery is a crib, but I don't feel pressured about that since for now we have a nice bassinet for the baby to sleep in.

Caleb built a tiny side table and a wall shelf that will need to be painted. Hopefully, I will get pictures of those  up soon.
Anyways...here's some of what we've been working on in the baby's room:

Caleb built me this twin size day bed for the nursery.  
It came out really beautifully and he kept the simplistic lines that I wanted, but added a little bit of detailing on the ends using his router tool. 

I just wanted some inexpensive and easily changed out artwork for over the day bed. I hung up string with vintage looking wooden thumb tacks from Walmart and then I followed this tutorial from Raising Oranges on how to dye clothes pins with food coloring. I was so pleased with how they came out! I bought some different printable digital files from Etsy sellers so hang up on the wall.
I just love this idea, because I can change the art out as frequently as I would like. 

We were given a monetary gift from my parents a few months ago to put towards buying something we wanted for the nursery and we chose a rocking chair. Walmart.com had a great deal on one (and free site to store shipping), and I ordered the beige colored slipcover to go with it.

My mom had these 2 "Classic Pooh" Winnie the Pooh prints hanging in my nursery when I was a baby. They are dated 1957. The frames were a rust color and I painted them a smoke gray color to compliment the changing table.

I sewed a little dog bed for Betty to keep in the nursery.
It has cute little blue birds sitting on red and white mushrooms.

A cute vintage whale toy that a friend gave us and a little bunny rabbit print I put in a small vintage frame.

Caleb built me this very simple but functional book shelf / toy box storage unit for the nursery closet. 

We painted the inside of the closet a nice green color. It hadn't been painted since we moved in and the interior of the closet still had red toned stained woodworking (typical 1950's) and dirty beige paint. 

Last year at the flea market we picked up this old drink bucket for only $5, and after giving it a good cleaning I had Caleb attach castors to the bottom of it to turn it into a rolling toy bin. 

 A while back I'd seen a picture online of a nursery with a wooden cloud mobile hanging over the crib. I really loved it and when I looked at the prices people wanted on Etsy for wooden mobiles, I knew it wasn't going to be in our budget. Sooooo...being the spoiled girl I am lol I sweetly asked Caleb if he'd build a mobile for me. I'm so pleased with how it came out!

The crib will be in front of the window and below the mobile (duh!).
The cream colored shag rug is one we got on clearance at Lowe's many months ago. It is the perfect size for the nursery, super soft, and well made. It was a regular $100 marked down to $39. 

Caleb and I bought this large vintage wall clock a year or two ago at an antique fair. I think we got it for only $20 or so. It works perfectly! 

Ok...and now on to my favorite piece that Caleb made me : 

This gorgeous changing table!
It is by far his best piece to date. He put so many hours into making it for his little boy. Pictures just don't do it justice. It was made from scrap wood and Caleb did so much beautiful detail work on it. He routered it with rounded drawer edges and a pretty detailed paneled look. It's a really nice heavy solid type piece of furniture. He also was very forward thinking and made the top to be removable in the future, if ever we wanted to use it as something besides a changing table.

We got all the pulls and knobs from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot. They were a really good deal at only $3 each. They are a sort of antique pewter looking metal with light pitting to the metal to give them a sort of distressed look. 

The side panel Caleb made with the router.

It gives lots of storage for the cloth diapers we're planning on using, as well as other baby things.

Caleb and I are just so pleased with how the nursery has turned out so far :)


It's almost done!

Caleb and I probably spend way too much time out on the back porch, but we just love it back there! I've *almost* got it decorated exactly how I want it (excluding painting that nasty yellowed toned tan on the wooden areas of the porch...but it will probably be awhile before that gets done).

I've been busy lately sewing throw pillows for the sofa.

My Mom gave me this vintage 4 tiered plant stand recently and it was really dirty and the paint was chippy.
I spray painted it a sort of muted tan color and then dug through my pile of terra cotta pots to find ones that would fit. I'm really happy with how it came out.

Betty loves to sleep on the porch sofa, but sometimes she likes to sleep where the sunshine comes in at the edge of the porch. I sewed her a cute little dog bed last week using some scrap fabric. I think she approved :)

 A couple of years ago I bought this large vintage green frame for $1 at a flea market, because I loved the green and gold colors and the slightly distressed finish on the wood frame. It didn't have any glass so I went to Lowe's yesterday and  had some cut to fit. I really wanted to do some sort of print that involved a Scripture. I went to Michael's and bought an antiqued khaki colored thick poster board for $5 and cut it to size. Then I used an antique image of a tree from Graphic's Fairy and I typed up the verse from Ecclesiastes 3. I reversed both images on my computer and then I put a piece of freezer paper to the size of normal computer paper. I ran it through the printer and then quickly pressed it onto my poster board. It gave it a really nice faded distressed look. I'm very happy with how it came out and it feels good to have one more project done!
Total cost for the art was $11 (frame, board, & glass. I already had freezer paper).
It think it looks like it was just made for that spot above the rocker.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" 
Ecclesiastes 3

My porch is almost done. I still can't find a lamp that is the right height to sit on the chest of drawers. I really want to try out the mercury glass spray paint that they sell at Lowe's and I'm thinking this would be a perfect way to use it. The lamp I have out there looks good (as far as the color and style), but it is WAY too tall and awkward looking. I also am on the lookout for an inexpensive wall mount swing arm lamp to go over the sofa. There is an open electrical socket thingie where I guess originally there was some sort of porch light. 

I would like to have something similar to this:
                                                                               Source: ivillage.com via Donna on Pinterest