A Vintage Desk Makeover

Lynchburg has this insanely awesome (and huuuge) consignment store downtown that Caleb and I frequent.
I recently bought this little vintage (1950's?) desk there for $15. It needed a little bit of tightening, which Caleb took care of for me...and the wood was pretty dried out, so I rub olive oil all over it until it would no longer absorb any more. I'd read that tip on a blog a while back, but ahhh I just can't remember which one.
The "chalkboard" on top wasn't real and it was in really rough shape, but the board itself was in fine condition and so I used some of my left over chalkboard paint and it came out beautifully!

It's amazing what a little olive oil can do!

I can't wait until the day Tate can use this little desk. Actually....I really do want him to stay small for forever :D


  1. great tip, and yes it does look fantastic!


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