A Vintage Suitcase

I found this fantastic vintage suitcase (in mint condition!) at Goodwill last week for $5. I was so happy to finally have found something that will serve as the perfect suitcase for Tate's stuff when we travel.


Cat Toy

I saw this cute as the dickens kitty cat softie floating around Pinterest and so I decided to try it out today (plus it was more embroidery practice!). I'm mostly pleased with how it came out. It was very easy to whip up. Tate liked it :)

Sewing Rain Drop Softies

I stitched up these sweet little raindrop softies or pillows for my niece in Ireland.
These were easy to whip up AND great practice for my embroidery skills.
Think I might make some for Tate.


fleur-de-lis bookends

This week at Goodwill I found a pair of fleur de lis bookends for $1.95 each.
They were a very strange "decorater-ish" shade of gold. I love gold, but this was a little too fake looking for my tastes. Today we were blessed with GORGEOUS 70+ degree weather, and soooo of course I grabbed some spray paint and painted the bookends a shimmery bronze-gold color. 
They came out great!

Not sure yet where on my new fireplace bookcases I'll keep them on, but they do look so pretty in our living room. In the picture above they're up against our Calvin's Commentary set. 


Grandma's meatball scoop

This week I helped my Mom clean out her kitchen cabinets and rearrange things. We came across this vintage meatball scoop that belonged to my grandma. Mom didn't want it and so I snatched it up.
Tonight I made a new recipe for balsamic glazed meatballs. I used the scoop and it worked perfectly! I was scared the meat would stick to the scoop, but it didn't. 


I was blessed to find 4 large ribbed gold throw pillows in perfect condition at Goodwill this week for only $2.95 each. They look great in our living room (well IF only they had a prettier sofa to sit on...hopefully, soon!). Also, recently found that coaster set at Goodwill. They are made from a VERY thick glass and have an etched fleur de lis pattern on them.

a birthday clock

My sister & brother in law sent me a gift certificate for Ruche (!) for my birthday.
I picked out this beautiful clock that sits on an easel. It looks PERFECT in the living room sitting on one of the bookcases that Caleb built me for the fireplace (pictures soon). 
Thanks Gariel! 


a birthday gift

A few months ago I was out antiquing with my dad and I fell in love with this large brass bird statue.
My dad remembered how much I liked it and went back to the antique shop and surprised me with it for my birthday a few weeks ago. I was thrilled! It's style is somewhere between Hollywood Regency and Art Deco in style.
I know I want to keep it in the living room, but I'm not sure keeping it on the hearth will be a good idea since Tate will be crawling before we know it.

Baby Gym

 Back when I was pregnant with Tate I saw this cute idea for a baby jungle gym on Apartment Therapy.
Caleb made a similar one (I like the sides he made better than those on the AP site). I spray painted it a gray-blue color and we added some cute little toys for Tate to play with and attached them with the plastic rings you get on the toy aisle at Target or Walmart. 

Tate loves it!


where each lives for the other 
and all live for God.

I bought this decorative ceramic plate at Goodwill and painted it.


I made some buttermilk biscuits today.
I used real buttermilk that I had leftover from making butter from raw milk.

true love

How can I not love this man when he comes home from work each day looking THIS cute?
and brings me flowers...just because.

cloth diapers

I just love Tater's cloth dipes.
This one is an Alva Baby that I bought on ebay. 

5 months

Last week Tate turned 5 months. 
He is the sweetest little baby and Caleb and I love him to pieces. 
People do not lie when they say babies grow up fast.