Sewing Car Seat Strap Covers

I recently sewed some reversible car seat strap covers for Tate's carseat. I followed the tutorial from this blog. They were so very easy to make and a great way to use up small scraps of fabric.

A Vintage Desk Makeover

Lynchburg has this insanely awesome (and huuuge) consignment store downtown that Caleb and I frequent.
I recently bought this little vintage (1950's?) desk there for $15. It needed a little bit of tightening, which Caleb took care of for me...and the wood was pretty dried out, so I rub olive oil all over it until it would no longer absorb any more. I'd read that tip on a blog a while back, but ahhh I just can't remember which one.
The "chalkboard" on top wasn't real and it was in really rough shape, but the board itself was in fine condition and so I used some of my left over chalkboard paint and it came out beautifully!

It's amazing what a little olive oil can do!

I can't wait until the day Tate can use this little desk. Actually....I really do want him to stay small for forever :D


My Recipe Box

Caleb built me this gorgeous recipe box. Now all of my recipes are housed in one box instead of three!

A Nursery Chalkboard

This is our "Thankfulness Board" for the nursery.
We have SO MUCH to be thankful for and so this is a good spot to write down all that we are thankful for.

I spray painted a $5 Goodwill frame and Caleb had glass cut to size.
I then painted chalk board paint onto the glass. So easy and inexpensive! 


My sister and her husband and little baby came to visit us from Ireland.
They were able to stay and visit for a good part of October - so many sweet memories were made and it was so very difficult to say goodbye again!
My sister took all of these cute photos of Tate. Thanks Ariel!

Me holding Tate at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago.

My sister and her husband brought Tate the hat and scarf as a gift from Ireland. 
They looks SO unbelievably cute on him!

The sweetest little fellow!

Miss Betty

My mom took this A-DORABLE picture of Betty sometime this past summer.
I love it so much and so I framed it and hung it in our bathroom :)