It's almost done!

Caleb and I probably spend way too much time out on the back porch, but we just love it back there! I've *almost* got it decorated exactly how I want it (excluding painting that nasty yellowed toned tan on the wooden areas of the porch...but it will probably be awhile before that gets done).

I've been busy lately sewing throw pillows for the sofa.

My Mom gave me this vintage 4 tiered plant stand recently and it was really dirty and the paint was chippy.
I spray painted it a sort of muted tan color and then dug through my pile of terra cotta pots to find ones that would fit. I'm really happy with how it came out.

Betty loves to sleep on the porch sofa, but sometimes she likes to sleep where the sunshine comes in at the edge of the porch. I sewed her a cute little dog bed last week using some scrap fabric. I think she approved :)

 A couple of years ago I bought this large vintage green frame for $1 at a flea market, because I loved the green and gold colors and the slightly distressed finish on the wood frame. It didn't have any glass so I went to Lowe's yesterday and  had some cut to fit. I really wanted to do some sort of print that involved a Scripture. I went to Michael's and bought an antiqued khaki colored thick poster board for $5 and cut it to size. Then I used an antique image of a tree from Graphic's Fairy and I typed up the verse from Ecclesiastes 3. I reversed both images on my computer and then I put a piece of freezer paper to the size of normal computer paper. I ran it through the printer and then quickly pressed it onto my poster board. It gave it a really nice faded distressed look. I'm very happy with how it came out and it feels good to have one more project done!
Total cost for the art was $11 (frame, board, & glass. I already had freezer paper).
It think it looks like it was just made for that spot above the rocker.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" 
Ecclesiastes 3

My porch is almost done. I still can't find a lamp that is the right height to sit on the chest of drawers. I really want to try out the mercury glass spray paint that they sell at Lowe's and I'm thinking this would be a perfect way to use it. The lamp I have out there looks good (as far as the color and style), but it is WAY too tall and awkward looking. I also am on the lookout for an inexpensive wall mount swing arm lamp to go over the sofa. There is an open electrical socket thingie where I guess originally there was some sort of porch light. 

I would like to have something similar to this:
                                                                               Source: via Donna on Pinterest



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