The Grainery

 Recently I was looking up local farms and Auburnlea Farms came up in my search.
They are located waaay out in the country, in Gladys, VA.

Last weekend Caleb and I had some errands to run in Gladys and of course that meant that I had to stop in at this "Grainery Store".

Yall! I feel in love with it!
This sweet homeschool family runs this amazing farm and now they have a store right there next to their house. It's in this really cute old timey looking out building. The family has all kinds of animals that they raise and they sell everything from meats, cheeses, eggs, gluten free products (like you can buy gf flour in bulk), and all kinds of all natural products.

 I bought some all natural cocoa powder and all natural "jello" mixtures.
I was in love with the cute way they package all of the stuff they sell.
I think it is worth the time for people to package the items they sell in a pretty way.
Maybe it's just me, but when I see something packaged in a cute or charming sort of way it makes me want to buy more of it! Maybe that is just me *laughs*

Next time we go I'd love to buy some of their meats.
Anyways, if you find yourself near Lynchburg, I highly recommend taking a drive out in the country and stopping in at Auburnlea Farms "The Grainery Store".


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