Only The Curious Have Something to Find

Can you tell I was listening to Nickel Creek yesterday?
Not NickelBack ...Creek. Huge, huge difference yall.

I've done a lot of driving here and there lately and that gives me lots of time to think and to pray.
It also gives me an opportunity to reflect on recent events, be they minor or major. Sometimes in all the choas of a major event we miss the minor things that are going on at the same time. A lot of times I've found those minors things are usually blessings. I try to not take for granted small things; random things in everyday life.
Those can be the best moments ever. 
Anyways I thought I'd share lots of random moments (major & minor) from the last few weeks.

cool autumn evenings beg for warm drinks
 like peppermint tea or cider 
Before & after on our "new" vintage front door from ReStore ($50).
We haven't decided on a color yet. I think the brown might be a bit drab next to the
stone on our house. We'll see!
At least that hideous modern style door is gone!
We have a wonderful little consignment shop a few miles from our home
who recently had 3 heavy duty roller trays for cabinets. I got them for only $5 each.

Last weekend while we were out picnicing at the Peaks of Otter we stopped in
at an antique shop in Bedford and found 4 of these cute vintage cordials.
Caleb poured a little cherry apple cider in them. Yum!
I made this skillet cookie for Caleb last night.
Serve it warm with vanilla ice cream.
This was one of those major events in life: a sisters wedding!
It was one of the happiest days I can remember.
She has been blessed by the Lord,
as I have been with a wonderful godly man.

I think I will call adopting Betty a major event. Our home was just too empty without
a dog in it. I can already see that she will make an excellent companion.


  1. Great post - I loved your thoughts and pictures!
    Every time I see that chair it makes me think of my blog:-)
    Love you!

  2. Thanks Stef! and you need to get yourself to Va and sit in that chair (cause that means you're here!). Love you!

  3. Sweet post! There are so many large and small moments that add to the fullness of life and refresh us. Betty seems to have found the chair that best matches her; a doggy with a sense of style, no less.


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