Eating Fewer Carbs

Caleb and I have been eating WAY too many carbs lately.
Carbs taste so good yall!

So we're trying to go "lower carb" and just enjoy things like sweets on the weekend (in moderation of course). So last night I made a low carb pizza crust (from cauliflower) and a lowER carb crust (Wolfgang Puck recipe).  

Now, I made the low carb pork rind pizza crust recipe a few years ago when I was on a strict Atkins diet (I lost 60+ pounds that I'd gained while on steroids for health problems). It does make a pizza crust...but you still get that porky taste. And who wants porky taste when they're craving pizza? 

Both crusts were really good. The cauliflower one isn't something you can pick up and eat like a normal slice of pizza...HOWEVER...if you don't mind eating it with a fork it really does give you a full pizza taste effect.
And you don't taste cauliflower.

It probably isn't very fair of me to compare the cauliflower one to the Wolfgang one, but I felt like making both. The wolfgang one was SO good! It was also really quick and easy to throw together. According to the website I got the recipe from, there are about 1/4 of the carbs per slice compared to a regular slice of pizza.
The crust came out really nice and crispy (not too flat and not too bready). You can definitely pick it up and eat it like a regular slice of pizza.  

I topped the cauliflower one with a red sauce, shredded Italian blend cheese, and pepperoni.
The other pizza I topped with a cheese mixture (ricotta, mashed roasted garlic, s&p, and parmesan), then some asparagus that I had sauteed in garlic oil. Then I covered it in shredded extra sharp white cheddar! It tasted amazing!

I have a pinterest board full of low carb recipes I've come across that sound yummy.
You can check that out here.

 and here's how Miss Betty has been spending her days and evenings...
curled up on the back porch couch! I think she loves it so much back there, because then she can watch all the deer and other critters. The only time she ever barks is when she sees a deer.

....By the way....
I started to type out the post title as "Eating Less Carbs", but I heard my mom's voice screaming inside my head, "not less Adri! fewer!".
Hopefully, my internal mom voice is correct? :)


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