Building An Indoor Fairy Garden

The children are in love with the fairy book we are currently reading by Enid Blyton.
They are wonderful little stories about fairies, brownies, gnomes, forest animals, etc.
Each story (chapter) finishes with a moral lesson. Even Anabelle has been sitting still to listen.

Tate and I have made a few fairy gardens over the last few years and had fun creating little worlds.
Today is so hot outside and too unpleasant to even sit on the back porch. We decided to use this new-to-us vintage bunny planter Caleb bought me at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

Anabelle loved the box of artificial rosebuds I found in my craft room.
Perfect for fairy decor.

 Since this is an indoor fairy garden we decided to skip the dirt and stuff the inside with plastic bags.

We topped the bags off with leftover moss from another project.

We brought out our ever growing collection of tiny figurines...bunnies, squirrels, deer, inchworms, houses, steps, rocks, etc.
We find them at flea markets and antique shops and sometimes on Ebay.

Tate made the trellis from a bent stick he found. 
I love it!

Anabelle loved all the tiny treasures.

She also loved creating a bouquet for me.

Tate remembered the butterfly fairy lights from Pook.

And finally, Anabelle was ecstatic to find 2 "Bambi's" to play with in our little collection.
This was extra exciting since Disney re-released Bambi on dvd and for download on Amazon last week. Bambi was always one of my favorites and it was fun to watch them experience it for the first time. 


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