Life Happens

So I recently started thinking it might be fun to start blogging again.
I miss it. Then when I went back and looked I realized it has been over 3 years since I've posted anything.

Life has really happened a lot around here.
In a nutshell since my last post in 2014:
We suffered a miscarriage.
Got pregnant with my daughter Anabelle.
Had a really rough pregnancy.
My Ulcerative Colitis decided to flare badly (I'm right at the 3 year mark of still flaring).
Miss Anabelle joined us in November of 2014.
Tate will soon turn 5 (!) and I will start homeschooling him this Fall.
We've had marriages, births, deaths, sicknesses, etc in our extended family.
So it's been a crazy few years, but God has been so good to us.

I'm super excited to do some posts on some of the home renovation projects we've been working on!
Caleb's diy skills improve all the time and we really enjoy working on projects together. 


  1. Good to have you back! Blogging is my creative outlet these days, and hopefully someday the kids will enjoy it.

  2. Thank you! It feels so good to be back sharing. It IS a fun outlet <3


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