DIY Watercolor Mason Jar Lid Label Covers

I wanted a cute idea for labeling a bunch of jars of various jams I've been canning lately.
So I came up with this perfect rainy day craft that the kids loved working on while I canned savory tomato jam (which is SO SO SO good, by the way!).

I laid out a pile of white coffee filters and the kids Crayola washable watercolors that they love so much. I told them to just go to town with painting rainbow colors all over them. Even I enjoyed getting to paint some. The littles were so thrilled with how they came out.

My litter helpers LOVED water coloring coffee filters and muffin tin liners (the cupcake liners did fine, but I much preferred cutting down the coffee filters to size since they caused less crinkly lines). 

 After they painted them we let them dry overnight. 

 After the filter is completely dry fold it in half and then in half again.
Then cut it in a circular manner to the desired size circle. 
You could even zig zag the edge as you cut for a more decorative look.

Then simply center the filter directly over the sealed jar and gently push down with the ring.

Then screw into place as usual to secure.  
I've covered many jars this way and never had a filter tear.

Each one is so unique and so beautiful!

I wrote the contents on the top with a fine point Sharpie marker, but I think stamping it would be particularly cute!


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