Ways I Save My Family Money

It is very important to me that our family eat as naturally and as organically as we possibly can afford. Doing this on a tight budget IS work, but I love the challenge of it in my homemaking! 

Some of my favorite ways to save my family money is to buy in bulk, to use rebate apps and rebate sites, buy meat in bulk via Zaycon, buy part of a cow from a local farmer, or to use Amazon Prime's Subscribe and Save program.

So here's a summary of my favorite ways to save. I hope they help you and your family to save $$$.


For quite a few years now I've been ordering meat in bulk via a company called Zaycon.

I can not even begin to tell you how much money I've saved our family buy buying grassfed ground beef (yes, GRASS FED!) and farm fresh chicken from them. Their website is easy to navigate and they always give me cash back with each purchase from my previous order! So, for instance I placed an order for their grass fed ground beef (which is SO SO SO yummy, by the way) recently and I ended up paying just over $2/lb! I've also bought their boneless, skinless chicken breasts before and been very happy. I hope to order some this Fall (the next "event" offered in our area). 

This is how it works: you can see what "events" they have upcoming in a town near you. Even the smallish size city we live in constantly has deliveries available.

You pay online in advance. They even email you AND text you reminders so you don't forget.
They list a drop off site (ours is usually in a church parking lot) and you just pull your car up to the their clearly marked delivery truck and  you tell the worker your name and they load your boxes into your car for you and you're on  your way. SO SIMPLE!


Ebates is a HUGE favorite of mine for saving money.
A few years ago 2 of my sisters in law told me about it. I was super skeptical at first, but quickly saw how much I was able to save and get in cash back via Paypal. 

With our recent basement flooding and remodel of our guest suite bathroom I've used Ebates repeatedly and saved us almost $100 in the last 2 months by shopping wisely through their site. 

For instance for a while Lowes.com was offering 5% cash back on purchases. So I placed large orders for things like tiles, grout, etc on the Lowe's website and selected free in store pickup. Not only did we not have to go get a cart and load up hundreds of tiles ourselves, but we saved 5%! And that was credited to my account in less than a week's time.  

Even $1 here and there adds up very quickly!


Buying things via my Amazon Prime account is probably the biggest way I save money. I buy SO many things in bulk each month (as needed) via their Subscribe and Save program
. I always have more than 5 items I need and so I automatically save 15% . I also love it, because I can clip digital coupons right on the item page and save even more.

I buy gluten free snacks for the littles, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, vitamins, etc. Really most everything you can think of.

I highly recommend you try:

I do sometimes use Amazon Prime Pantry too, but I tend to just stick with Subscribe and Save, as I prefer bulk buying when possible.

I love love love Ibotta the best of all the phone rebate apps I've used.
Just load what rebates you want on their easy to use app. I've earned a nice $20 (sent via PayPal) here and there for the last few years. Again, it might be a $1 here and there, but it adds up quickly.


I can and freeze fresh fruits and veggies. It's so much fun and feels so satisfying to have a well stocked pantry. I especially like looking for produce that is about to go bad and get a really good deal on it. I just have to be prepared to work quickly.


My favorite grocery chain is definitely Kroger!
I love the Kroger Krazy site to help me find each week's best savings and coupon pairings (I am NOT into extreme couponing).  I am always buying closeout deals, mark down produce, meat, dairy products, and bread. Since they already have an excellent selection of organic and natural products that makes manager markdown deals all the better...AND...Kroger lets you pair coupons (both regular and digital!) on clearance items. Not long ago I scored a ton of organic maple syrups for $1.99 each on manager markdown (as well as those super cute baskets in the photo above!). 
I love how when I go to Kroger I never know what deals I will find. I guess that makes me super dorky, but grocery is one of my favorite parts of homemaking!

Plus with Kroger shopping you earn gas points to save even more money. I love it when they run 2x the fuel points during the summer months. 


Those are all the online ways I save, but in addition to that I also shop locally for deals. Because I want to buy as much organic as possible, but also save money I try and follow the Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen lists
I love to shop at Aldi and we have a wonderful local "scratch and dent" store near our home. I find so many amazing deals on organic items this way!

Saving my family takes a little work and forethought, but I absolutely love the thrill of getting a great deal on things we need. 


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