my big project this week

This is the magnificent view I have out my kitchen window.
Jealous? I thought you might be. problem is that I do not want to stare at that while I cook or do dishes. I always have the blinds closed in the kitchen, but that blocks out all that natural light from coming in. 
I decided that I would do something similar to what I did to our bathroom window

First I plan on painting two coats of white paint on the window and trim, and then I want to follow this tutorial and create some privacy (and add a pretty pattern) on the lower half of the window. On the upper half of the window I plan on repurposing the mini blinds by following this tutorial.  It's the same instructions I followed when making the polka dot one for our bathroom. I don't plan on making the roman shades until I know what wall color I'm going with; otherwise, I won't know which fabric to go with.

I figure that by having the privacy film on the bottom that will let lots of natural light in will enable me to permanently keep the fabric roman shades open and just add a nice decorative touch and not be used functionally (even though they will work).


  1. I love this idea and I've got a few windows with a view like that I wouldn't mind trying this one. Very pretty alternative.


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