A peak inside my yellow, white, & gray themed bathroom

Our house is from 1954 and has 3 full baths and one half bath. The full bath that is on the main floor of the house has pretty gray tiles (2 contrasting shades of gray). The previous owners had the walls painted a flat white color. I decided to go with yellow walls, but picking the right shade scared me. Yellow is not a color that I decorate with often (ever?) or even wear. I just don't really like it. However I love the look of gray, white, and yellow together.

This bathroom is a really awkward size so sorry my pictures aren't so great.
Not that they usually are :D

before & after

The color I chose is called "Buttercream" and is the Better Homes and Gardens brand from Walmart.

I re-enameled the icky old bathtub for only $12.
You can read about that here.

We ended up deciding to keep the original chrome medicine cabinet. It's in great condition and has the built in lights on either side.

 Since it's such a small space I knew I wanted to lighten it up in there with a white shower curtain. I got a nice simple one at Kmart for $20. The cute vintage inspired lucite globe hooks I got at TJMaxx for $5. The city water around here has a weird red tint to it and it stains the sinks, tub, and showers in our house a redish color sometimes. It always leaves my plastic shower curtain liner GROSS looking and it just doesn't clean well. Sooo I bought a white fabric shower curtain liner for $10 at Kmart and I'm so pleased with it! It is machine washable and it is also much lighter weight and so now the curtains draw back much easier.  Mostly I just like it because it looks so much cleaner.

A close up of the yellow wall color.

There had been mini blinds in the window, but I knew I wanted Roman shades with a pattern. I found this cute dark gray (it looks black in the picture, but it's not) polka dot fabric at a sewing shop near my mom's house. I followed this tutorial from Little Green Notebook and made mine in about an hour or so. Mine is mostly for decoration, but it does work really well.

 For some strange reason the window just had regular glass on the lower half so people outside could easily see in and ew ew ew who wants that to happen?! So I went to Home Depot and bought some vinyl window film with a slight texture so that light can still filter through, but you don't have to worry about anyone seeing in. I think I paid $20 for a large roll of it, but I only had to use about a quarter of the amount on the roll. It's nice because it clings to the window with out any adhesive glue stuff. It's easy to take right down and smooth out if you have to.

A close up of the window vinyl.

There wasn't a medcine cabinet in the bathroom; in fact, there wasn't any storage anywhere except for inside the shallow medcine cabinet. I drew up what I wanted Caleb to build me...ha! I'm so spoiled!
He built me this GORGEOUS cabinet that is the perfect size. It has a couple of shelves inside plus an open shelf to hold jars of cotton balls and q-tips. I got those cute vintage fleur de lis embossed jars at a flea market for 50cents each. Caleb built the cabinet out of scrap wood and I painted it white to compliment the trim in the bathroom. 

I got a nice smaller size white memory foam bathmat at Kmart for $11.
I love that thing! 

The sink is not original to the house, but thankfully it is in good condition and is a nice small size to fit in such a narrow space.

 I spent right about $115 to makeover this bathroom and that counts for:
shower curtain
curtain liner
enamel tub paint
curtain rings
window treatment
window vinyl
soap dispenser
knobs for the medicine cabinet
towel hooks

 I'm really pleased with how the room has come out looking...now I need to start working on the other 3 bathrooms in the house...



  1. Your "new" bathroom is so fresh & pretty...and what an amazing amount of $ to have spent to have such a nice bathroom...good job :)

  2. I LOVE this color scheme! Great job!

  3. Cute. Love the gray and yellow. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  4. Love how much you spent making over your bathroom. Super work!

    I am a new follower from the Show and Tell linking party at Blue Cricket Design. If you have a chance, stop by http://messforless.blogspot.com and say hi!


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