A 1940'S Bathroom Remodel

I seem to have done like 9380 million posts lately about bathrooms (I already posted this Regency inspired bathroom earlier). Sadly, I have even more to post about soon. Now I want to share with yall one of the bathrooms in my parents house.
The house my parents bought a few years ago here in Virginia (after a move from Memphis) is from 1940 with a large addition from 1950. The 1940 part of the home has a small half bath between the kitchen and the library. The house my parents bought was a fixer upper and this particular bathroom had to be completely gutted.

The picture the left is the before shot (duh!) and is a picture from the house listing when they bought the house a few years ago. There was some really, really, really ugly brown-tone butterfly wallpaper (1970's) that took me like 5 years to get down so that we could paint the walls a pretty soft gray - green color.

My Dad is really good at tiling (actually he's really good at everything with home renovations) and he layed down a beautiful glossy black tile with gray grout in a pattern. My Mom wanted the bathroom to have a slightly Art Deco vibe.

When my dad took up the old brown carpet on the floor (who puts carpet in a bathroom?! EW! Men should never be allowed anywhere near a carpeted bathroom) and found lots of old water damage underneath. He took up the flooring all the way to the beams. You can see the basement in the picture on the right.

My mom and I found this cute vintage round mirror for $10 at a thrift store and I think they got the light fixtures at Lowe's. The beautiful glass door knob is orginal.

There was a lot of wall damage on the lower wall so my parents installed bead board, chair rail, and baseboards. They also installed a new pedestal sink that takes up less space and a new toilet.
The cute paint by number flamingo artwork was bought forever ago at a yard sale for 10 cents. My mom framed it and decided that this bathroom would be the perfect spot for it.

This bathroom is even classier looking in person. I think my parents did an awesome job on it.


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