We finally finished the rent house master bathroom

Update (2017)...I still swear by this stuff! SO here's the link to Amazon (where I ordered mine MULTIPLE TIMES over the years):

...ALSO... I swear by their other product for counter top paint!

We finally finished it!
We spent $300 even to remodel the master bathroom.

That covered:
flooring (Lowe's)
floor primer (Lowe's)
2 boxes of Rustoleum Tub & Tile Paint ($24 each)
faucet ($28 at Home Depot)
light fixture ($10 at Home Depot)
shower curtain ($10 at Burlington Coat Factory)
2 shower curtain rods ($6 each Walmart)
curtain rings ( .99 Walmart)
curtain tie backs ($7 / pair at Target)
white curtains ($15 for the pair from Target)
mini blinds ($4 Home Depot)
wall paint ($15 Walmart)
vanity paint
towel bars (Walmart)
hook (Walmart)
toilet paper holder (Walmart)
toilet ($78 Home Depot)
light bulbs

So much work went into making over this bathroom. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

We put up white curtains to soften the look of the washer and dryer being in the bathroom, since it's not possible to put any sort of doors because of the layout of the bathroom.

Goodbye maroon swirl sink!

Goodbye ugly old dated old vanity! 

Read about how to re-enamel (re paint) your bathtub, bathroom tile, or sink vanity countertop here and here.


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