Re-Enameling A Maroon Bathtub

Update (2017)...I still swear by this stuff! SO here's the link to Amazon (where I ordered mine MULTIPLE TIMES over the years):

...ALSO... I swear by their other product for counter top paint!

We finally finished the rent house master bathroom re-do in order to get the house ready to sell (read about that here, here, and here). You can see before and after pictures of the master bathroom here.

I recently painted my bathtub (from 1954) with this stuff ; Rustoleum's tub and tile enamel paint.
So far the tub has held up really well from regular use and I'm so pleased with everything! If you want to see before & after pictures and read about how I did this click here.
Since I was so pleased with how my bathtub at home came out I decided to use it on the maroon (yes, maroon) bathtub and surround at the rent house. Honestly, who on EARTH is going to want to buy that house if it has a maroon tub with a matching maroon toilet (with a wooden seat. oh yes my friends. be jealous. so jealous) and maroon swirl vanity counter. 

Plus there was (don't you just love the word "was"?) maroon floors and maroon wallpaper. I hate maroon. I always have and I always will.

Enough talk!
 Here's the before and after pics of the tub and sink counter.

and no people we did not paint the toilet; it's brand spankin new.
*shivers at the thought of painting a toilet*

The counter looks amazing!

Transformation Thursday


  1. Wow, that coat of paint made such a HUGE difference! The after looks amazing! We just bought our first home and it's old enough the bathtubs they put in are yellow! Ugh! I'm so glad to have found this because I plan to paint mine! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Your befores and afters of painting tubs look amazing. I'm a bit concerned about how slippery a tub might be to shower in after. Also, I like that you used it on the couter. It looks great. Any thoughts on how it would be with heat styling tools?

  3. Hi, so very late to the party! Was this a one piece fiberglas tub? Thanks, Sue

  4. Hi, so very late to the party! Was this a one piece fiberglas tub? Thanks, Sue

  5. My son recently purchased hse with the most Hideous nasty filthy harvest gold 1 piece tub/shower that is enamel overlay. Wld need 2 rip out doors & part of wall 2 remove/replace. Is the product you used made for fiberglass tubs only please?


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