Feeling out of place at McDonald's

I didn't think it was possible to feel out of place and self conscience at McDonald's.
Yesterday I did.
I'll get to that in a minute...

Look at all these pictures I took last weekend...

That is just SOME of what filthy nasty renters did to Caleb's cute house!
Caleb bought a house about 3 years ago (before we were married) and he fixed it up and made it all
cute and country and stuff. The house is on 10 acres out in the country.
A few months before we got married Caleb rented the house in the country to a family.
Apparently, a WAY white trash family.
Anyways, he and I got married and bought a house to live in that's "in town".

So after being owed thousands of dollars in rent we evicted (thankfully...peacefully and without the law being involved!) the family. Then last weekend we went to survey the damage.
You didn't want to be there.
You still don't.
At least not for a few more weeks.

Poor Caleb!
His lovely house was quite destroyed.
At then the house flooded...
but that's a whole 'nother story.

So he and I have spent many hours over the last week or so trying to get it ready to either rent or sell - whatever the Lord brings about.
The renters left the house in FILTH.
I do mean FILTH.

So yesterday we went out to paint and to put down new flooring (not carpet) and about midway through the day Caleb said he needed to take his truck and drive into town (12-15 country miles) and go to the dump.
He said I should ride over with him and then afterwards we could drive over to McDonald's since it's down the road from the dump.

Here's the thing...
when I go out to do shopping of any sort, or leave my house at all period...
I make sure I'm wearing an outfit that is clean, matches, and I put on a dab of makeup.
I'm not one of those people who go to Walmart in my pj's to get a tub of ice cream.
I want to look presentable; not fancy.

My 83 year old Grandma always reminds me that when she was a young woman a woman would NEVER think of leaving her house without her gloves on.
Don't worry.
I don't wear gloves to Walmart.
That would probably look odd.

So yesterday after painting and cleaning ickiness at the rent house I looked...
I'm going to be honest with ya'll:
I smelled like a wild animal on a hot summer day.

I looked like one too.
My hair was all messy pulled back.
I had on hideous black cut-off sweat pants on and a paint and dirt encrusted shirt.
Plus my disgusting pink flip flops that need replacing.

Now it use to be (back in the day) that I could wear the outfit I had on at McDonald's and I would blend right on in with the other customers AND with the nasty yellow and red paint
 splattered walls (remember those?).

Well now McD's has glass prism chandeliers and white marble floors and nicely dressed people
sitting in stylish looking booths enjoying free wifi while they sip their lattes.


One doesn't place a wild animal in such an environment.

I ordered the biggest mocha frappe they had (I needed more energy for painting).
And as I stood there with Caleb waiting on our order, I realized that since I was in this very clean and smell good place that I smelled really, really bad.
So I grabbed my drink from the woman and hightailed it out of there!

I would have NEVER thought that I would feel self conscience at a McDonald's!
Dont' get me wrong - I've always looooved McD's!
But let's be honest...before all their revamps over the last couple of years the interiors were always
pretty nasty and greasy and sticky and stuff.

Today I get to go finish painting the master bedroom and cleaning who knows what.
I've found it's best to not try and figure out what the nastiness is.
Otherwise, I'll start to gag.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend! :)


  1. The photos probably don't begin to show how disgusting things looked in the house. I was never a happy landlady; cleaned up after too many similar renters. Ew, just ew. As for McDonalds, yeah, they have kinda revamped their image. I think we should all consider wearing our pretty gloves there from now on.


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