a little progress was made at the rent house

Caleb and I have been non stop busy lately between fixing up the rent house to helping with my sister's wedding plans to a last minute visit from family.
Thankfully, Caleb didn't have to work yesterday so we were able
 to put in lots of time working on the rent house.
Remember these before shots from a few weeks ago?

Here are a couple more from about 2 weeks ago.
The renters had torn down the wallpaper and even though it was so ugly
I would have wanted to tear it down too...but you don't do that if it's NOT YOUR HOUSE.
We have decided to try and sell the house rather than rent unless the Lord makes it clear to us otherwise.

So we're doing a bit more work to get it ready to sell then we
 would have if we were only going to rent it.

TA DA! Finished bathroom!
My goal for selling the house is to use warm tone neutrals on the walls.
I want people to not feel distracted by my favorite colors.
I want them to walk in and see pretty colors, but colors that can go with any decor.
So while it isn't my style of decorating I am really pleased with how the house is coming along.
The bathroom came out SO pretty and clean looking!
AND on a tight budget.

I think we spent less than $150 to make over this bathroom.

The vanity was in good condition, but had a very outdated stained oak on it.
Caleb sanded and puttied the whole unit and we tossed the icky old brass knobs.
The pulls and knobs we got on Ebay for less than a dollar each (including s/h).
I bought "Country White" premixed paint at Wal mart.
 I plan on using it on the other oak vanity in the master bathroom.
Thankfully the vanity top is in very good condition and was a workable color.

Walmart had a really good deal on a multi pack of towel bars in the satin nickel finish.
It included toilet paper holder, hand towel bar, towel bar, and a hook that we put on the back of the door.
All of that for only $18.

 The Lord blessed us with finding lots of good deals for our budget makeover.
The vanity light that was in there no longer worked and it was rusted and discolored.
I bought this one at Lowe's for only $13! I wanted to keep everything in the satin nickel
 family and not mix in chrome or other metals.
 Usually chrome pieces are all you can find for the best deal.
I bought a matching vanity light for the master bathroom.
It has 3 lights and was only $10.

The faucet was only $28 at Home Depot!
And that is its' regular price. It's really nice quality too - not cheap looking at all.
The faucet that was there before worked, but it was one of those icky old plastic round knob ones.

I got a $10 white shower curtain at Burlington just for the sake of staging the bathroom a bit.
The other picture (which doesn't look impressive) is the floor.
There was just gross old linoleum from the early 90's so
Caleb put down a nice stone tile textured linoleum.
Since there isn't a window in this bathroom I wanted to make it feel very light, fresh, and clean.

Caleb and I took down all the hideous wallpaper or what was left of it and
painted the room a cozy mocha color.
Ok cozy is probably a weird word for describing a bathroom...moving right along...

To get down wallpaper I simply bought a spray bottle at Kroger and a bottle of fabric softener.
Just mix a little water in with the fabric softener in the spray bottle.
Shake it up real good and spray on a small area of the wallpaper or the wall paper backing stuff.
Then just carefully pull it off with your fingers or use a putty knife (that's what I use).
It comes off so easily AND for way less than buying
 all that thick goopy wallpaper remover stuff from the
hardware store.

New hand towel bar with a hand towel for staging.
The towel was on clearance at Walmart so I bought one for each bathroom.

 Before and after of the sink vanity.

Isn't his a frightening bathroom?!
Oh my! This is the master bathroom at the rent house.
It's next on my to-do list over there.
Isn't the maroon GORGEOUS?
The sink counter even has matching maroon swirl counters.
The toilet went crashing into the trash bin at the dump yesterday.
And the tub and the sink counter are about to get painted with
Rustoleum's tub and tile paint.
I'm excited to try it since at our house the main bathroom tub (1950's) needs help something fierce.
So I figure this is a good time for me to learn how to use this stuff at the rent house.
I'll make sure and take lots of pictures and do a post on how that goes.
I looked at Lowe's and Home Depot for tub and tile paint and they had brands that didn't get good
reviews AND they cost $45 a box. I paid only $24 each on Amazon.


before & after


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