what I'm currently working on

I've been so bad about not posting anything lately.
We've been crazy busy here.

We're finishing up the rent house and it starting to look really good and that is a
great feeling since it has felt like we'll never see the end of this project.

I'm itching to get some projects done in our house since we'll have wedding guests staying with us the weekend my sister gets married this October.

This week I finally settled on a color for the kitchen cabinets.
I started by wanting to paint them a fresh coat of white and install black counter tops.

Then I saw this picture:

and this picture:

And that made me realize that I had to have medium/dark gray cabinets with white marble (ok laminate is all that's in our budget) counters, and polished chrome pulls and knobs.
I would love to put down white marble (probably imitation) tiles with contrasting gray ones in a diagonal pattern. Doesn't that sound pretty?
And eventually install nice stainless appliances.

Anyways, I went to Walmart a few weeks ago and bought a sample of the
Glidden paint in a color called Gray Granite.

here's a not so good or accurate picture of the color:

hmm it looks sort of purple in this picture, but it's actually a medium-dark gray color.
I love it so much I think I'm going to put some up in our master bedroom and see if I like it.

You can click here to print a coupon for $2 off a sample jar (includes a brush!) for Glidden paint.
The coupon is good through the end of July, so hurry and print it off.
They have TONS of pre mixed sample jars, which means you don't have to walk all over walmart
looking for the person who is supposed to be working at the paint counter.

Our kitchen has a long empty wall that was crying out for help.
I drew up some plans for what I wanted Caleb to build me.
I wanted that wall to have a "baking center" for my large stand mixer to sit on.
He custom built me the cabinets around the height of my Kitchenaid.
He's such a nice man.
He built most of it from scrap wood and and crown molding that he found in the trash at work.

Here's what it looks like right now:

I'm hoping to paint it this week and to paint all the drawer fronts and doors so that Caleb can attach them for me and attach the hardware.
I think I'm most excited about him building me the pull out trash bin!
I hate trash cans, so this is a blessing to me.

More inspiration for my kitchen:
 photo #1 via ebay
photo #2 via Aspect metal tiles
 photo #3 via pinterest
photo #4 via ebay

I love all the good deals that Ebay has on knobs and drawer pulls.
See those awesome opossum peel and stick metal tiles?
I'm planning on using those as the back splash on the baking center hutch.
The other side of the kitchen will have white subway tiles.
I've seen these metal tiles at both Home Depot and Lowe's and I can't wait to use them!

And oh! I love those checkered floors!
That is what I'm hoping to install in the kitchen.

Oh and look what I got on Ebay for only $60:
I can't wait until it's installed. That probably won't be until next year *sigh*
I'm keeping a look out for a nice chrome faucet and for a good deal on a garbage disposal.
Somehow I have made it through 16 months of marriage with no garbage disposal. ew.
This sink is HUGE and oh so pretty!
Right now our kitchen has the most disgusting (refusing to clean!) white plasticy sink. It has an equally disgusting white plastic faucuet that has green stuff all over the base. The sprayer is also on the left side which is probably great if you're left handed, but I'm not.

Ok enough about my torn apart kitchen.
But those are my plans for now.
Oh that and painting one of the bathrooms this week.
Hopefully, pictures will be coming soon.


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