Asparagus pizza and such

We weren't at home much this weekend since we had so much to work on at the rent house.
One evening we did sit down to actual homemade food.
It tasted so good!

I cooked a Smithfield cracked pepper & garlic pork tenderloin and baked an asparagus pizza to serve with it. You can find the recipe here.
The only thing I changed was to use this Pizza Hut Style Pizza Crust recipe.
Except I don't use a bread machine or put msg in the dough.
The pizza came out SO good!

The pizza has a white sauce, parmesan, white cheddar cheese, and asparagus.
Need I say more?

It paired well with the pork loin and I served both with a Virginia made sparkling pear cider.
We were out of wine, otherwise I'm sure after a long day of working on the house we would have
wanted something a little stronger.
That pear stuff is AMAZING though!
I love giving it as a gift and serving it to guests.

I read this really good post on the Widow's Mite at my sister in law Stefanie's blog (Stefanie's Pleasant Places). Y'all should check it out.

Now that today is a regularish day...sort of...I need to go tackle Laundry Mountain (ever been there? the views are amazing) and sweep the house and clean the bathrooms.
Nice normal every day tasks can be so nice sometimes!


  1. I've been hearing more and more about white pizza- I have to make one soon because they sound so delicious. Thanks for the links to the recipes.

  2. I love love love anything in a white sauce! It was really good on this pizza. It didn't overwhelm the asparagus flavor at all. I'm tempted to try an alfredo sauce on it next time I make it! That and gain about 30948309 pounds lol!


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