Fall Fashions

I have a cold and right now I've got so much medicine in me I can hardly think straight.
Not much is getting done around the house today because of it :(

It feels just a wee bit like Fall outside today and if you're like me you love fall fahions. Even though Spring is my favorite time of year, I love the look of fall clothing.

Right now I'm loving neutrals, lace, ruffles, belts, pleats, and leather.
Here's some of my favorites

Most of the items above are inexpensive, but I've been able to find similar items for next to nothing at thrift stores. Belts exactly like the one above are incredibly easy to find and usually only cost  $1 or less.
I will have to say that I always have a difficult time finding cardigans at thrift stores. When I do find them they are for plus size women or they look like they've been washed and worn way too many times. I usually end up having to buy mine new. Target and even Walmart tend to have good deals on them and they last forever and will never go out of style.

Pleated skirts from the 1980's are also easy to come by. Yes, you will probably have to sort through ugly plaid ones or ones with stains on them, etc ...but I've recently found some GORGEOUS vintage ones. I bought a full length cream colored one in perfect condition (1970's - 1980's; see below) for $3.50 and I always get lots of comments when I wear it. I also bought a knee length one that is dove gray. My favorite is a pink one with layers and layers of fabric (below; left). It's probably from the late 70's - early 80's.
The pinkish one has sooo many layers and um...recently at church all those layers in the back ...yup they got tucked into my undies. I am forever indebted to the very sweet girl sitting behind me for telling me what was going on back there and yeah.... sadly that is not the first time such a thing has happened to me at church.

They look almost the same color in those pictures, but they're verrrry different looking in person.

I got this cute Gap dress at Goodwill last week. I think it will be perfect with heals and a cardigan.

I also bought this cute vintage lace top.

Leather and faux leather large totes and messenger bags are also fairly common and are usually less than $5. I've recently purchased a huuuge gorgeous faux leather tote (Chico's brand) at Goodwill for $2. I discovered recently that thrift stores like Goodwill tend to put all of the smaller size purses and clutches hanging on a pegboard wall or spinning display, but large totes and purses they consider to be more like luggage or briefcases and so they tend to be stuffed into those bins instead of in the purse section. That's where I found this Chico's purse.

looks kinda like a smiling frog


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