The Stoney Badger

Caleb and I have a new favorite local restaurant called The Stoney Badger.
If yall are ever in the Lynchburg area you should check it out.
One side is the restaurant and the other side is a bar. They also have a huge deck in the back that diners can enjoy. Caleb and I went last night because both of us were craving their wings.

Here we are after another long day of working on house projects.
Please ignore our hideous posture.

Last time we came we ordered their cheese fondue appetizer plate. It was to die for yummy!
Their spinach dip is really good too and last night we shared their loaded waffle fries. You want to talk about good! They were covered in bacon, scallions, cheeses, and sour cream.

Caleb loves their huge beer selection. Last night he tried a local beer from Charlottesville. He really enjoyed it and said he thought he'd had it once before in Charlottesville at Beer Run on our anniversary trip back in March.

We ordered 24 wings and picked out 4 different flavors.
Caleb ordered some sort of insanely hot ones that I refused to eat, garlic pepper, grilled mesquite, and something parmesan (?).  They have so many different wing flavors available and that makes it so tough to pick out which ones to order!

I think my absolute favorites are just their plain medium heat ones.

The only ones so far that I've had that weren't my favorite were the parmesan ones. They didn't have any flavor. Other than that every single flavor of wings there have been AMAZING.
Yall should check them out sometime!


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