New Kitchen Counters

I'm so excited yall!
I've been working on this hutch that Caleb built me for our kitchen last winter, but like all good home renovation projects, things got in the way of us finishing the hutch. So here we are in August and we're finally getting around to finishing the hutch / baking center piece. Yall do not know how happy this makes me.
This is what I've been staring at for ... um... a really long time

My whole house looks like it threw up on itself 3 times.
We're in the middle of refacing all the cabinets with new doors and drawers and drawer faces. Caleb is building all of them himself out of scrap lumber. He's build me all the fronts for the hutch side of the kitchen (not seen in the pictures above). Right now all those are spread out on an old shower curtain liner in the living room while I paint them front and back.

It's so exciting to see things finally coming together!

These are some sample colors I picked up at Home Depot last weekend. I have no earthly idea what to paint the kitchen walls. It's starting to frustrate me. There's not too much wall space in there once we're done tiling back splashes and such. I'm considering getting some metallic paint and picking out a stencil pattern. I've never worked with stencils before and that makes me nervous. 
We shall see!

Ok now onto my exciting countertop news....

Home Depot sells Formica 180fx Calacatta Marble laminate countertops for a really good price (especially since Caleb can install it himself)
While I would love real marble counters...these Formica ones are in our budget and I'm so happy to have them! We're hoping to have the sink side of the kitchen ready to install these same counters by sometime next year, but until then Caleb let me order the counter top for the hutch! I had no idea he was going to let me order them last weekend. He's a sweety like that. I thought we were just going over to price them and to price back splashes. The hutch is not your standard depth cabinet and so we were hoping that the factory could cut them to our specific depth and thankfully they could! They can't add a backsplash to it, but that's ok with me since I'm putting up the metallic tile backsplash anyways.

Since it's custom cut it will take about 3 weeks for them to arrive. That is totally cool with me because I still have to paint the base of the cabinet, finish all the drawers and doors, poly the inside of the drawers, line them with liner, have Caleb attach the doors and drawers and then attach the knobs and pulls and probably other stuff too.


  1. That Formica 180fx product is pretty good looking stuff - they actually photograph slabs of real marble and then print them as part of the manufacturing of the laminate material. And with the edge treatments available and the price, it can be a real winner. Congrats on your new countertops!

    Brian -


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