Kitchen Updates

We've been so very busy lately that I haven't gotten around to posting much. Caleb has been working like a crazy man around the kitchen the last few weeks.

We've been doing a major remodel in our kitchen since the beginning of the year. It's starting to come together a bit more now, but we still have a very long ways to go.
We have a cute kitchen, but with some very very retro details like the curved half shelves around the sink window and the cutout pattern that frames out the sink / window area. My goal is to make the kitchen more timeless and classic instead of retro. So we're going to take down the little shelves that frame the window and Caleb already removed the decorative cut out over the sink and replaced it with an arched board and it looks amazing! It's funny how such a little change like that makes a huge difference on the whole style of the kitchen. He used some scrap wood he had in his workshop. We're going to paint the cabinets on this side of the kitchen the same color as the new baking hutch on the opposite wall.

Sorry for the really bad cell phone picture.
A while back I had a post that showed my inspiration pictures for our kitchen and some of the progress we'd made. You can find that post here.
The piece is done being painted and Caleb installed the new laminate "white marble" counter top on it and attached doors, drawers, and hardware.
I couldn't be happier! I love having a nice clean space to work on.

I still need to pick a wall color (a dark color) and we need to purchase and install the metal tiles back splash. Right now we have a million other things to work on in the kitchen.


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