Funnel Cakes & Pilgrim's Progress

A few weeks ago my mom gave me a game that we use to play when I was young.
It's a Pilgrim's Progress themed game.
The box says it's from 1984.
My parents were married in January of that year
and I assume they were either given it then or purchased it later on. 
The board is really pretty and has vintage inspired illustrations.

Anyways...Caleb and I decided to get it out, try and figure out the instructions, and play.
Caleb put on a pot of coffee and then went to figure out how to play the game.
While he did that I very quickly fried up a couple of funnel cakes.
 I hadn't made those for quite a few years.
I passionately love funnel cakes.
It's a shame that so many tasty things are so bad for you.
I pushed that thought aside though.
And so should you!
I made this recipe since I couldn't find my old one.

We both made it through eating our funnel cakes without a
wheezing attack from inhaling powdered sugar.

The game questions are all based on Scripture and none are related to the book.

of which I had way too much yesterday.

Caleb won the game by two points.
Of course he is the son of a preacher so I'm thinking that must count for something :D


  1. We so should have played this when I was there. I love Pilgrim's Progress!

  2. That would have been fun! Although...I don't think I had it yet. I think she gave it to me after I picked up Sassy. Next time you come we'll have to play! and make funnel cakes... :D


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