Randomness ...

I love how at least once a week Caleb gets something in the mail from AARP.
It makes him so mad.

I'm not wanting to be one of those people who cover their vehicles in bumper stickers...
there happen to be 3 that are worthy of being stickered to the Blazer.

Please ignore the fact that I couldn't even begin to tell you the last time the Blazer was washed.
Isn't that a lovely one to have?
I got it at CafePress.com

Johnny Cash!
Enough said.

There was some old AAA sticker from the previous owner so I covered it in my favoritest one:
I love Caleb!

That one is also from CafePress

If Caleb and I were still sharing the Blazer then there's no way I could have gotten away with this one, but
since he's got his old truck now...all is well with. :)


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