I could eat cheese all the live long day

I love cheese.
All kinds of cheese.

Recently my sisters-in-law changed my life.
They told me that you can freeze cheese.
Freeze cheese?!
How To Freeze Cheese

So far I've had really good results with various cheeses.
I've frozen goat cheese that my SIL Becky made me and camebert that was on clearance at
Kroger recently for 1.50 a round (regular 5.99 each). I bought like 8 of them lol I couldn't resist!
Kroger also had good size tubs of ricotta marked down to $2.50 each.
I bought the last two they had and froze them.

Today I'm pulling out a tub of ricotta so that I can make Caleb some stuffed shells for dinner.

For the filling I usually just toss together:
shredded Italian cheese mixture
fresh basil (regular & purple)
salt & pepper

Boil the shells up.
Stuff with the cheese mixture.
Put into a 13x9 pan.
Cover with tomato sauce.
if you're like me...
tomato cream!
I'm very partial to it so I added a dab of cream to the tomato sauce I whipped up earlier this morning.

Later I'll just toss together a side salad to put out with the pasta.
I also made some mint and lemon balm sweet tea :)
Plus congo bars for Caleb's dessert.
I love making meals that can be made early in the day so that there's no last minute push to pull it together.


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