Saturday night

One of my pretty little hydrangeas in a vintage vase that I got at the flea recently for .25cents.
Small happinesses are the best!

Today was a fun day.
Drove over to Lexington, VA with the hubby and visited with my dad, brother, sister & her fiance.
We went to the Safari Park...that's going to be its own post next week.

I would highly recommend reading my sister-in-law Stefanie's blog post entitled:
It's good stuff ya'll.
And surprisingly Stef quotes Matthew very unlike her ;)
Ya'll really should check out her blog anyways since she's got awesome daily readings.

I'm so exhausted.
I'm thinking that going to bed by 9 sounds goods.
I'm very ready for my day of rest.
What a wonderful thing the Lord has done to bless us with a day of rest and that it is the
very day we are commanded to worship Him on.
This really is a blessing since it helps to keep
my mind stayed on Him throughout the day without
the distractions that a normal weekday would involve.

This is the day that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118


  1. Thanks Adri. You look so pretty in that picture!


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