About my vintage jewelry business

Yesterday I listed quite a few vintage necklaces in my Ebay store.
I've been selling vintage and antique jewelry on Ebay since 2004.
Until the time that I got married last March, my mom and I had our own successful
Ebay store Not Forgotten Vintage Jewelry.
The Lord blessed our business more than we ever expected.
The only reason we aren't still selling together is because of the 1hr 45 minute distance between us now.
It just made it too difficult to work out, so I started my own vintage jewelry business.
My mom and I still have lots of fun with selling the jewelry and are always asking the others advice
about this piece and that piece, which is fun.

My store is The Gray Bird Vintage Jewelry Store.
I still have a long ways to go before I have the store as stocked as I would like it to be.
The Lord has already blessed me so much in my efforts the last few months.

I try to keep quite a few things up for bid, but I keep the majority in my store,
available for Buy It Now.
I don't sell altered jewelry or craft jewelry - it is all original vintage and antique jewelry.
I sell designers like:
Miriam Haskell (one of my personal favorites!)
Sarah Coventry
David Andersen

I also love Victorian era jewelry, so you'll usually be able to find some in my store.
My mom's store usually has great Victorian pieces and cameos too!

Check out some of the cute vintage necklaces I just listed for auction:

vintage silver tone charm necklace

Check out this necklace!
It's really nicely made and so cute!

Vintage Pewter Rune Tennesmed Scandinavian viking ship necklace
Signed "R Rennesmed Sweden".
Great modernist necklace!
Circa 1960's.

Vintage chunky amber plastic bead necklace
This necklace is SO heavy!
It's one of my favorites and I was tempted to keep it for myself...
but I already have so many necklaces.
The photos really don't do it justice.

1960's gold tone & yellow bead necklace
This necklace is nice and long and could be layered.
Perfect for summer!

vintage gold tone & faux pearl wrap necklace
A beautiful and nicely made piece!

that's just some of the necklaces I have listed.


  1. Very beautiful! It is obvious why you and your mother are successfully! Your antique jewelries are absolutely gorgeous. I was looking for a necklace for my sisters birthday and I found this post. Also, even if I am a big fan of Sno of Sweden jewelry I think that vintage gold tone and faux pearl wrap necklace is really classy.

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  3. You have stunning vintage necklaces! Starting early is actually good because your business will have more time to grow. Look what you've been through after 7 years! Congratulations! I know your mom is very proud of you. You must be very grateful of her guidance and support. :)

    Judith Gaston


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