Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Spray 26 OZ

I've been making some minor changes around the house.
I've been using Seventh Generation products lately and I LOVE them.
The multi purpose spray above is one I've been using for about a week now.
I bought it last week at Target for $3 or $4.
It works wonderfully on kitchen counters and it made my stovetop look amazing.

I don't feel like I can say that I'm excited to try it out in the bathroom...
I hate cleaning bathrooms.
But we have four of them.
That's a lot of bathroom cleaning ya'll.

I'm hoping it will work well cleaning sinks and tubs.

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Powder, Free & Clear, 75-Ounces Boxes, Case Pack, (Pack of 8)

I've been using Seventh Generation dishwasher powder for about a month now.
I was verrrry skeptical when I first tried it.
Could something "free & clear" really clean my dishes as well as original detergent?
Yes! It does a great job - even on glassware.
I've been buying mine at Kroger for $3.50ish (sorry my memory fails me).
Kroger even printed me off a coupon for $1.50 my next SG detergent purchase.

I want to try their laundry detergent next time I need to buy some.
I'd been making my own detergent, but after a few months of using it
 daily my energy efficient washer decided it would clog up every time I used it.

Nothing can be simple, can it?
Well except...
funnel cakes.

So, all that being said...I'm taking baby steps towards being more "green" or whatever you call it.
And this doesn't mean that you might not find some other products lurking under my kitchen sink.
I do think I need to weed out a bunch of products though.

(SG had nothing to do with me writing this review. I just thougth I'd tell ya'll about it)


  1. I've seen this brand, but never gave it a try. Maybe it's time. I've also wondered about Meyer's brand.

  2. I've been wanting to try the Meyer's brand. I'll to to try some out soon :)


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