Candle Question

I have a question and hopefully ya'll will have an answer.
I have quite a few vintage candlesticks, but I can't seem to
 find any candles that will actually fit into the holders.
They always look like they'll fit, but even when I try and wedge them in they don't stay.
Does anyone know where I can find tall skinny candles in
nice colors (as in: no maroon, hunter green, or plaid lol).
See those insanely amazinging 1960's Regency peacock candle holders my dad got me recently?
Love them.
And him.

And now it's time to paint the dining room table.
Yep. That's today's big project.
There's SO much to do around here.
*repeats to self*
One day at a time.
One day at a time.
One day at a time.
Anyways, it's a creamy white color right now and I'm going to paint it a brighter shade of white.
It will be the same color as the white on the walls and trim.
Painting around the edges is going to be a painful process....


  1. I also have lots of candleholders and you're right candles never seeem to fit. There are two things that I do. First, I run the end of the candle under hot, hot water to soften the wax. Then I gently put it into the candleholder and GENTLY mold the softened wax into the shape of the holder. I say gently because I have been known to snap a candle in two because of being to rough. It might take two or three times but usually it will fit quite snugly. Second, I will use Stick Um Candle Adhesive by Fox Run. (Availabe at Amazon) Alot of times I use them both for extra security especially with older candle holders where there isn't much depth to the holder part. Hope this helps.

  2. thank you so much for this suggestion! I'm going to try this out soon! Cause I think otherwise my only hope is keeping my eyes peeled for vintage candles at flea markets & yard sales.


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