My New Vintage Coffee Table

I found this vintage metal glass top coffee table recently.
It was in icky condition, but completely solid and the glass was in great shape.
The whole piece weighs a ton. It's nicely made and has lots of detail.
Hello $15 coffee table!

I scrubbed down the metal base and then the glass.
I bought what I thought was a metallic bronze color I'd used in the past...
Nope! It turned out this HIDEOUS caramel color.
So I dug through my rather large box of spray paint scraps and found some gold.
Ahhh....home....where everything is spray painted gold.
Kinda literally in my house.
But I digress...

I'm so happy with the results!
It will fit in nicely with my Hollywood Regency-in-the-making living room.
I took the pic above in the hallway, because ya'll are NOT allowed to see my living room right now.
It's got mismatched furniture...a massive brass ceiling fan...curtains that are too short...etc.
One day it will be done.
*repeats to self*
One day at a time...



  1. This is wonderful! You manage to find the best bargains and then make them into something beautiful.

  2. What a lovely find! It looks great now!!!


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