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I guess I haven't been up to too much lately.
Lots of housework.
Some spray painting.
today I'm in a better mood than yesterday.
Even happy old me gets in a bad way sometimes.
So in honor of this happier mood I'm posting on some random loves of mine.

I love gardening and just being outside in the garden for hours at a time.
Gardening is therapy for me.
And ya'll know I need lots of that.
and see those two dudes back there messing up the picture of me
showing off some fierce something skills?
Well those dudes are two of the finest dudes I know: my husband and my dad.
As you can see from the photo - they both think plaid is rad.
Love. Love them!

Since I was in a bad mood yesterday I wanted some smore's.
I'll let ya'll just take a wild guess as to why I wasn't in a good mood yesterday or for the next 6 days.
So Caleb built a fire on the grill. A huge fire with sticks. Lots of sticks.
What is it with men - fire & sticks = happiness.
Personally, I'm terrified of fires and grilling and stuff.
I married the right man cause Caleb loves him some big fires.

He didn't like that.
But I love to torment him.
Especially when he's making me a fire with sticks so that I can melt marshmallows.
I was also lovin the view.

oh yum!
Those smores tasted so good.
We munched on these while we watched the new True Grit movie.

I loved using the Hershey's "special dark" bars.
I loved stuffing my face with these and I even love regretting the tummy ache I got later.
So worth it!

I love wearing belts now.
I wear them all the time.
I also love my hair straightened.
I hate the process of getting it straight, but the results are nice.
Plus my man loves it straight it's so worth the extra work.

I love my sweet stupid dog.
Sassy is so very, very sweet.
But that dog takes stupid to a whole new level.
While Caleb and I were out of town a few weekends ago we left Sass with my parents.
Apparently they found her eating my mom's strawberries in the garden.
So to keep her from doing that they put some chicken wire over them.
Nothing stops Sassy from eating...anything. She loves to eat.
She will beg to be let outside so that she can come in and get a treat.
She thinks I'm dumb enough to not notice this.
So every time she begs to go out and then immediately wants back in the house she then goes and stares at the dog treat jar in the kitchen until she burns a hole through the glass and another treat falls out.
She thinks that because she poops she deserves more treats.
She poops all the time.
It's a vicious cycle.
But back to the strawberries...

So she found a way under the chicken wire.
She ate more strawberries and then she couldn't get herself out of the wire.
My sister took the two pictures of her and sent them to me while we were down in Greenville.
But I just love that dog.

One of our engagement pictures from last year.
 Taken by my talented photographer friend Leah.
I love how much fun I have with Caleb.
In fact, I think I just flat out love how much I love him.
Yesterday I ordered a bumper sticker that says "I love Caleb".
That's devotion ya'll.

 What are ya'll lovin?


  1. This post cracked me up. You are so full of life, and yes, that dog is sweet, but I'm not convinced she's as dumb as you say. She does manage to get what she wants after all.


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