Wrought Iron Chair Makeover

Last year I bought a pair of matching wrought iron patio chairs.
I think I paid  $20 for the pair.
They're both needed a good spray painting (that being the case I'd say
they were paired with the right owner).



I'm using the pair on my screen-in porch.
I couldn't be happier with how they came out!

Caleb was sooo sweet and helped upholster the seats for me.
Since they were missing the seat insert he traced out a pattern and then cut a board for me to use.

It really is so handy to have a handy man around.
Yep. He's a keeper.

Chairs: $20/pair
Seat: scrap wood
Foam cushions: $6/pair (I used a coupon at Michaels)
Fabric: .50   ....for real people...shop at flea markets!
Spray paint: 2 cans @ about $3 each (I used gloss black)
Total = $32.50 for awesomeness on my porch :D

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  1. Love those lil bistro chairs and your choice of fabric...

    I hope to run into some of those antiquing or yard "sailing" soon...



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