I Told Ya'll I Spray Paint EVERYTHING...

So I hate to brag...but I pretty much have the best screened in porch...well...ever!
It's my favorite room in our home.
I love spending time out there reading, talking on the phone, sitting and talking with Caleb, day dreaming about my gardens etc.

We live in a rock house (!!!) from 1954.
It's adorable! I love it. Anyways...
There's a second story screened in porch off the kitchen.
It faces the back yard and down to the creek.
It has vintage metal awnings to keep the rain from blowing in.

All the walls are the exterior rock. It has a GORGEOUS stained wood ceiling.
Blue slate floors. A screen door. Nice cool breezes...ok I'll stop now!

I've been working on decorating it.
You can see the chairs I spray painted and reupholstered here.
This week I bought and hung curtains on the windows (is that weird of me?).
We recently bought a circa 1920's huuuuge wood porch sofa thing. I need to reupholster that too.
Ok I need to hurry up and get to the point of this post. I said spray painting and ya'll are no doubt wondering what I spray painted. I'm getting there. I'm a rambler. I babble. I'm sorry.

The previous home owners had installed a nice new ceiling fan out on the porch.
The base was nice looking (satin nickel finish), but the blades were a hideous light wood grain that clashed really badly with the nice dark wood ceilings.
The base was nice...but it was waaay too modern for the style of the porch.

So I looked at buying a new outdoor fan...are you kidding me?!
 Have ya'll seen the prices of those things?!
Plus most of them were ugly.
And like I said before..I just don't like ugly.

So I sweetly asked Caleb to take apart the fan for me so that I could spray paint it.
I picked out a dark antiquey bronze spray paint for the metal pieces (from Lowe's) and a taupey color for the blades.
The blade color didn't come out looking at ALL like the lid on the can... but I still ended up liking it.
Here are some before and after pics:
See what I mean about the nice ceilings and the weird modernness of the fan?

I think it's an improvement for sure.
Like I said the paint color came out way different than the cap.
The cap had a more gray tint to it and this is a little more of a flesh tone.
Ew I hate that word "flesh". There's a lot of words that creep me out.

I know that was all a lot of words for only a few pictures.
I'm sorry.


  1. I picked out a dark antiquey bronze spray paint for the metal pieces (from Lowe's) and a taupey color for the blades.tdhuu


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