I Just Don't Like Ugly

We took down the ugly ceiling fan in our guest room recently and put up a light fixture.
I did want to get a smallish table fan for guests.
I do not like ugly fans.
The cute vintage looking ones at the store start at $50. I'm an not paying $50 for a nice breeze.
Nope not happening.

However, when I was at Target this week they had a fan that is fairly nice looking and only $12.99.
Now that I can handle. It's really powerful and has two speed settings.
 And yes, Stefanie it does make lots of whirring noises as it spins ;)

The only thing is that it had a large maker's logo in the center of the fan. I wasn't bonding with that (as my husband would say). I really don't like ugly. Especially company logo ugly.
This all probably sounds really picky of me, but that's how I roll.

Here's what I did to fix the problem.
See that huge ugly logo? What is a "RE" anyways?
I really don't know.

So I used this fancy little circle cutter thingie I got at Ollie's a while back for like $2 or $3 or something.
If  you've never been to an Ollie's your should go! Just try and not be creeped out by the weirdo old man cartoon logo guy they use to sell stuff (see it's a bad logo day for me).
Ok moving on...
I printed out this cute little bird graphic. I think I got it from Graphic's Fairy, but I can't remember.

I measured the circumference (ohh big word! yes..I was homeschooled) of the ugly logo area and then set my circle cutter thingie to the same measurement.

I located my jar of Mod Podge (Mod Podge Rocks) buried in a box of Caleb's stuff.
I'm not sure why it was in his stuff. Oh well.
(I guess this shot isn't really necessary)
I was fresh out of paint brushes and I was feeling to lazy to run over to the Dollar Store so I just cut off a hunk of a kitchen sponge. Yes people it was an unused one! Ew...I'm a very clean person.

I dabbed on some Mod Podge and then I arranged the bird image how I wanted it and finished by putting a top coat of Mod on it.

It made me wonder if it would dry faster if I turned on the fan...I didn't though.
But it was a good thought.

Ta Da!
I'm happy with it.
The ugly logo is gone.
I can now rest in piece knowing that there is one less piece of ugly in my house.

The Graphics Fairy


  1. What a fantastic addition, and super easy. Love!

  2. Very nice - thanks for the fan, Adri:-)

  3. Brilliant! I love the birds, especially as a silhouette. You make your mama proud.

  4. Awesome Idea!! I would have never thought about doing that but it looks great! :)

  5. The blades would look great with some pretty patterns on them, too!

  6. Thanks ya'll :)

    and I think I might try the blade idea on a similar fan I need to get for my computer room.

  7. The Ollie's guy really is dreadfully creepy. But the fan is cute! The RE looks like the Target Room Essentials logo.

    Have you ever spray-painted a fan? I've just started looking for a vintage fan that I can re-do with a coat of colored spray paint.

  8. I've never painted a regular fan before only a ceiling fan. I would think that if you took it apart or taped things up well that you could paint it a cute color :)

  9. Is that ever a great idea! Way to go!


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